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Mystery as 'hundreds' of birds found dead in road in Wales – Sky News,


Hundreds of birds have been found dead in a road in Anglesey in Wales.

The starlings were spotted on Tuesday by passer-by Hannah Stevens near Llyn Llywenan, north of the village of Bodedern .

She was on her way to see a doctor when she initially spotted a huge flock of birds in the sky.

About an hour later, on her way back, she saw them lying dead in the road.

She called her partner, Dafydd Edwards, to tell him what had happened.

He told Sky News that when she first saw the birds “they took off to the fields”.

“She thought, ‘Oh, that was a large number of birds’, and then on her way back she found them all dead in the road.

“She phoned me and she said she couldn’t believe what she had just seen.

” To be honest, I didn’t believe what she had just told me, really. “


The birds could also be seen in the bushes on either side of the road. Pic: Dafydd Edwards


        The birds could also be seen in the bushes on either side of the road. Pic: Dafydd Edwards      

Mr Edwards decided to go over and see for himself what had happened.

“It was very distressing,” he said.

“My gut instinct It is that they have been poisoned, but we don’t know. It is hard to say really.

“I think there are hundreds of them.”

The Couple have contacted the police and the Animal and Plant Health Agency who they say are looking into the incident.

RSPB Wales told Sky News: “We are concerned with what we have seen.

“Starlings are a red list species after all.

” We are keen to ensure the incident is investigated by the authorities, but for the time being it is important not to speculate on the cause. “


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