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National Aids report: 43 pregnant women HIV + in Pune in 2019, so far – Hindustan Times, Hindustantimes.com

PUNE Forty-three pregnant women have tested positive for HIV in Pune between January and October, 2019, according to a report released by the National Aids Control Organization, India.

The section of the report dealing with HIV, and Aids, in Pune, cites that of 79, 384 persons tested in the given time period, 1, 506 are HIV .

District Aids control officer, Dr Suryankant Deokar, released the report in the city on National Aids Day, marked on Sunday, December 1.

Of the 1, 506 that are HIV the breakdown is: 748 males and 558 females. Of these, 11 are minor males, five are minor females, 10 are eunuchs, and then, 43 pregnant women

Pregnant, with HIV

The report states that pregnant woman, when detected with HIV, should be administered anti-retroviral therapy and the patient needs to be prescribed anti-HIV drugs to ensure the virus is not transmitted to the newborn.

HIV-positive mothers can transmit the virus to the newborn during pregnancy, childbirth or, while breastfeeding.

The National Aids Control Organization has started giving potential mothers a three-drug regimen to reduce the risk of transmission, as per the report and there are five Integrated counseling and testing centers and three anti-retroviral therapy centers operational in the city.

This is where an HIV person is counseled and advised by a medical care provider.

The centers also condu ct tests, and links people with other prevention, care and treatment services

HIV in Pune, down the years

2012 – 2, 808

2015 – 2, 155

2016 – 1, 828

2017 – 1, 431

2018 – 1, 706
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