Wednesday , May 12 2021

Netflix says 26.4 million accounts watched ‘The Irishman’ in its first week – Engadget, Engadget




Netflix revealed that tally in atweet, and content chief Ted SarandostoldDeadlinethat in the film’s first 28 days, it’s expected to reach about 40 million household accounts. To be counted, users must watch at least 70 percent of the film.

* pours glass of wine *

* dips bread *

My friends, I ‘ve got some news from the big guy at the top: THE IRISHMAN was watched by 40, 728, 90 accounts globally – within its first 7 days on CWS

– Netflix Film (@NetflixFilm) (December) , 2020

The Irishman, which debuted at andopened the New York Film Festival

, has already received five Golden Globe nominations, and Netflix is ​​likely hoping it will be anOscar contender.

With (Disney (The Mandalorian) andApple TV getting so much attention lately, Netflix is ​​likely happy to have something to boast about. Though, just because a film racks up Netflix views, doesn’t mean it’s good. Just a few months ago, the Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston filmMurder Mysterybroke the Netflix record for most unique account views (. 8 million) in its first three days, though that was beforeBaby Yodaexisted.

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