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No Floor Test For Kamal Nath Government Today Amid Face-Off With Governor – NDTV News,

No Floor Test For Kamal Nath Government Today Amid Face-Off With Governor – NDTV News,

MP Govt Crisis: State cabinet asked Chief Minister Kamal Nath to take a call on the issue


The Kamal Nath-led Congress government in Madhya Pradesh won a – day reprieve today as the assembly session was adjourned till March after a dramatic one-minute address by Governor Lalji Tandon. The Governor walked out of the assembly amid slogans of “respect the house” after he just read out the last page of his address to the assembly and urged the state’s Congress government to “follow the Constitution”.

“All must follow the rules under the Constitution so that dignity of Madhya Pradesh remains protected,” said the Governor, who had written to the Speaker to hold a test of strength today for the – month-old Kamal Nath government, which is in huge trouble after the rebellion of a group of MLAs loyal to Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Long after the Governor’s walkout, the MLAs of the government and the opposition BJP remained inside, shouting slogans at each other.

Kamal Nath He wrote a letter this morning to the Governor, saying that his directing a trust vote was unconstitutional and it “does not lie within the domain of the Governor to interfere with the functions of the Speaker”.

(The resignation of) Congress MLAs loyal to Jyotiraditya Scindia last week has brought the state government on the brink of collapse. The MLAs, who flew to Bengaluru in BJP-ruled Karnataka, are expected to follow Mr Scindia into the BJP; the long-time Congress leader made the stunning switch last week, complaining that the party was “not what it was before”.

Only six of the 22 Resignations have been accepted by the Speaker.

The Congress claims the rebels have been kept captive in Bengaluru and is desperate for more time to establish contact with them and possibly, win them back. Kamal Nath even discussed with the Governor the option of deferring the session on account of coronavirus.

On the weekend, the Chief Minister wrote to Home Minister Amit Shah requesting “help” to free the ” kidnapped “MLAs.

After a meeting with the Governor that ran past midnight, Kamal Nath told reporters that the Speaker would take a call on today’s voting.

In his letter, Mr Nath said to the Governor: “The Governor cannot require the Speaker to discharge his functions in the manner he considers constitutionally appropriate.”

The Madhya Pradesh assembly currently has 230 of 823 members and the majority mark is 120. The Congress has 116 MLAs in the House, and the support of seven allied legislators. If the resignations of all 90 MLAs are accepted, the Congress’s strength will come way below the new majority mark of 107, and the BJP, with 112 MLAs, can form government.

With every vote becoming crucial, there was a commotion when an independent MLA, Shera Bhaiya, was seen sitting with the BJP MLAs.

Kamal Nath’s government initially had 120 MLAs – just four over the majority mark of 112 in the full assembly.

In case the government does not initiate a trust vote, the opposition can move a “no confidence motion” against the government.

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