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Odell BeckhamJr. said on Thursday that hedoesn’t know what the future holds, and how long he’ll remain in Cleveland. On Friday, he tried to clarify that.

“I NEVER said I was not happy in Cleveland, just like everyone else I’m hopeful for better results. Period. Next story plzz, ”Beckham wrote on Twitter.

But no one said Beckham said he was not happy in Cleveland. What was said is that Beckham doesn’t know if he’ll be back with the Browns next season. And even in clarifying on Friday, Beckham still didn’t definitively say Cleveland is where he wants to be going forward.

And that’s fine, because Beckham is right: We don’t know what the future holds. This has been a disappointing season in Cleveland, and we don’t know how the offseason will play out. Freddie Kitchens might not be back as the Browns ’head coach next year, and the Browns might want to make a lot of big changes or they might want to stay the course. Beckham’s future in Cleveland is up in the air.