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Ohio State vs. Michigan for football, tuition, academics, sports money and more, by the numbers –,

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – In advance of Saturday’s football game between Ohio State and Michigan, here’s a look at the two universities by the numbers – sports, money and academics.

The data is from the US Department of Education, reports the schools file with the NCAA and research.

The game is a matchup between two large universities from neighbors states with a long and storied football rivalry.

Which school has higher tuition and graduation rates? How about the number of faculty or total students?

Scroll below to learn answers to those questions and more.

Student enrollment

Ohio State has 61, 170 students at its Columbus campus, including 48, 820 undergraduates.

Michigan’s enrollment is 46, 716, including 30, 318 undergraduates at its Ann Arbor campus, according to the most recent data from the (National Center for Education Statistics.

)Athletic budget

The Ohio State athletic program spent $ 203 .8 million during the 2017 – 18 school year, according to the school’s latest financial filing with the NCAA.

Michigan spent $ 183. 4 million during the same time period.

Tuition bill

Michigan residents pay about $ 3, 600 more a year to attend Michigan than Ohio residents do to attend Ohio State, including tuition, fees, room and board, according to federal data from the 2018 – (school year.)

Here’s the breakdown:

  • In-state tuition: Michigan $ 15, 262; Ohio State, $ 10, 726.
  • Out-of-state tuition: Michigan $ 49, 350; Ohio State, $ 30, 742.
  • Room-and-board on campus: Michigan $ 11, 534; Ohio State, $ 12, 474.

Winning football

Over the last 10 seasons, Ohio State ranks second nationally in winning percentage, behind Alabama, with a record of 115 – 19 from 2009 through 2018. Michigan ranks 28 th with a 81 – 47 record during the same time period.

Graduating students

(Campuswide, ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************)% of students graduate Ohio State within four years and 84% within six, according to federal data based on students who started school in 2012.

At Michigan, the graduation rates are 79% within four years and 92% within six years.

National rankings

Ohio State has had nine top 25 finishes in the last 10 seasons, tied for second best nationally with Clemson and LSU. Only Alabama has finished in the AP top 25 in each of the last 10 seasons.

Michigan has finished in the top 25 in five of the last 10 seasons – (th in) , 10 th in 2016, 12 th in 2015, 24 th in 2012 and 12 th in 2011.

Teaching facility

Ohio State, with 4, 065 full-time teaching faculty and 2, 382 part-time, reports a student-to-teacher ratio of 19 – to-1.

Michigan reports a student-to- teacher ratio of 11 -to-1, with 6, 706 full-time teaching faculty and 1, 544 part-time.

(Pay the coach)

The financial filing each school is required to make with the NCAA is comprehensive when it comes to coaching pay. Schools must include wages, bonuses, allowances, speaking fees, retirement stipends, memberships, media income, tuition reimbursement and earned deferred compensation. And, if a job change occurs, totals for both coaches are combined.

For the 2017 – 18 school year, Ohio State reported pay and benefits of just under $ 7 million for head football coach Urban Meyer.

Michigan reported $ 7.1 million in pay and benefits for coach Jim Harbaugh.

Assistant coaching pay

Pay and benefits for the 10 assistant football coaching positions at Ohio State totaled $ 8.6 million during the 2017 – 18 school year.

(For 11 assistant coaching positions, Michigan reported pay and benefits of $ 7.6 million.

Ticket sales

(Ohio State collected $) .3 million in football ticket revenue in 2017, the most recent year for which financial data has been reported to the NCAA.

Michigan took in $ 39 .8 million that same year.

Average home attendance

The top three schools nationally for attendance last season all play in the Big Ten East.

Michigan was No. 1 at 110, 737 a game, followed by Penn State at 106, 572 a game and Ohio State at 101, 947 a game.

Athletic teams and athletes

(Ohio State fields) teams with 956 athletes, according to its latest financial filing with the NCAA for 2017 – 18.

Michigan has 29 teams and 910 Athletes.

(Rich Exner), data analysis editor for, writes about numbers on a variety of topics. Follow on Twitter@ RichExner. See more data-related stories


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