One person dies and 19 injured in Cambridgeshire minibus crash – BBC News, Google News


Image caption                                    The minibus overturned after a collision with a car near St Ives in Cambridgeshire                 ********             

One person has been killed in a minibus crash which left 19 Other people injured.

The bus overturned in the crash, also involving a car, near the villages of Woodhurst and Bluntisham in Cambridgeshire at (*****************************************: 51 GMT on Thursday.

The East of England Ambulance Service said one person died at the scene.

The B 1040 Somersham Road was closed for more than 12 hours for investigations to take place.

Six people were taken to Hinchingbrooke Hospital and 14 were taken to Addenbrooke’s.

All the injured people were taken to hospital but it is not yet known how badly injured they were.

Image caption                                    The crash happened near the villages of Woodhurst and Bluntisham                 ********             

The ambulance service said it sent 10 ambulances, a rapid response vehicle, the Hazardous Area Response Team and two air ambulances to the scene.


At the scene

Dotty McLeod, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Here on Friday morning, there is debris strewn all over the verges on one side of this junction where the B 1040 Somersham Road meets Bluntisham Heath Road and the Wheatsheaf Road.

You can see, lying in the grass, broken glass, broken bits of plastic, twisted pieces of metal and even a pair of spectacles lying in the mud.

Police were at the scene earlier but all vehicles have now been recovered and the road closures have been lifted.


Nearly 1, 000 people have signed a petition calling for improvements to be made at the junction, set up after Thursday’s crash.

The owner of a cleaning service, based 500 m from the junction, said it was not the first time there had been a crash at the crossroads.

“We did hear a helicopter a while after [the crash] but I didn’t think any more [of it] because accidents regularly happen up there, “he said.

                                                                                                      Image copyright                 Terry Harris                             ********                          
Image caption                                    The road reopened at about 06: 00 GMT                 ********             
Image caption                                    The emergency services attended the scene of the crash in rural Cambridgeshire                 ********             

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