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OpenWrt 19.07.0 Release Notes, Hacker News


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The OpenWrt Project is a Linux operating system targeting embedded devices. It is a complete replacement for the vendor-supplied firmware of a wide range of wireless routers and non-network devices. See theTable of Hardwarefor supported devices. For more information about OpenWrt project organization, see theAbout OpenWrt pages.

An upgrade from OpenWrt 10 to OpenWrt**********************************************************************

is supported in many cases with the help of the sysupgrade utility which will also attempt to preserve the configuration. A configuration backup is advised nonetheless when upgrading to OpenWrt (**********************************************************************************. ****************************************************************************************.

Get OpenWrt Firmware at:

Highlights in OpenWrt 19.

The OpenWrt community is proud to announce the first stable release of the OpenWrt (**********************************************************************************. ****************************************************************************************** stable version series. It incorporatescommitssince theprevious release

**************************************************************** 0andcommitssince theprevious release candidate******************************************************************. 0-rc2.

With this release, the OpenWrt project brings all supported targets back to a single common kernel version and further refines and broadens existing device support. It also introduces a newath 80target and brings support for WPA3.

Target transition from enxx to ath

This release provides initial support for the newath 79target, the future device tree based successor of the popular (en) **************************************************************************** (xx) target. For (**********************************************************************************. ******************************************************************************************, both targets are still built, but it is recommended to switch to the (ath) ***********************************************************************target whenever possible: future releases of OpenWrt will drop support for theen (xx) target.

Please read the known issues below before upgrading.

WPA3 support

The (**********************************************************************************. **************************************************************************************** release brings initial support for WPA3. However, WPA3 is not enabled by default and

requiresinstalling specific packages: to run WPA3 as an access point,hostapd -opensslis needed. For use as a Wi-Fi station, you need eitherwpa-supplicant-openssl (station support only) orwpad-openssl ( AP) station). Due to their large size, these packages are not installed by default, and it is impossible to install them on devices with less than 8MB flash.

It should also be noted that many existing client devices will never support WPA3, and that there are client devices that support WPA2 but cannot connect to anAPconfigured with WPA2 WPA3 mixed mode. Please only file bugs if you are sure the problem is not client related.

To configure your device as a WPA3 access point, see wpa_modes

Client-side rendering of the LuCI web interface

The new version of LuCI, the integrated web interface for OpenWrt, implements client-side rendering of views. This improves performance by offloading some work that was done on the device (Lua code) to the client browser (Javascript code)

The LuCI ecosystem is large, and not all LuCI apps have been adapted to this change, which may result in crashes involvingcbi.lua (********************. In that case, install theluci-compatpackage.

With this step, Lua usage in LuCI is reduced and LuCI effectively comes closer to the goals of the experimentalLuCI2without having to rewrite everything from scratch.

Known issues

Sysupgrade fromen (xx) toathand vice versa is not officially supported, a full manual reinstall is recommended to switch targets for devices supported by bothen

xx ******************** andath

  • Images for some device became too big to support. a persistent overlay, causing such models to lose configuration after a reboot. If you experience this problem, please report the affected device in the forum

  • and consider downgrading to OpenWrt 24. ************************************************************************************** or using the Image Builder to pack a smaller custom image

  • Some optional GUI packages crash with an error about missing “cbi.lua”, install theluci-compatpackage to fix these

  • Possible Wi-Fi performance issues on 5 (GHz) ***************************. If you encounter such an issue, please see existing bug reports (FS #, ********************************** (FS #) ************************************************************, FS # 3954) orfile a new bug reportagainst openwrt -********************************************************************. Please make sure the issue is not caused by WPA3. If you are using WPA3 and run into problems, revert to the encryption settings you used before upgrading to 19. **************************************************************************************.


  • Main changes in OpenWrt**************************************************************************** 0

    The main changes in this release since the previous OpenWrt (*************************************************************************************. version are:

    ********************Updated toolchain:********************

    musl libc 1.1.

    (********************************** uClibc-ng 1.0.

  • glibc 2.

  • gcc 7.5.0

  • binutils 2. 1) ********** (******************************************

    Updated Linux kernel

    4. (************************************************************** for all targets

    Flow offloading bugfixes


  • Network userland:

    hostapd 2.9, dnsmasq 2. 79, dropbear

  • Fixes in network and wireless configuration handling

  • Bugfixes in DHCPv6 client and server

    WPA3 configuration support****************** wpad-opensslfor WPA3 support

    (****************************************** (****************************************** (**********************************System userland:

    busybox 1. (********************************************************************************. 1

  • Sysupgrade support for backup and upgrade capability checks

  • Contains urngd, non-physical true random number. generator daemon based on timing jitter
  • Bugfixes in the process manager, system message bus , embedded web server and the configuration management library


    Platform and Driver Support

    Dropped adm (********************************************************, adm 8668, ar7, au (****************************************************************, ixp4xx, mcs x , omap (xx, ppc) ****************************************************************************** (x, ppc) x and xburst target

    New ath 85 target that will replace the popular ar 78 xx target

  • Updates and new device support across all targets


  • LuCI web interface:

    Client side rendering of views for improved performance

    (**********************************Security fixes (****************************************** (******************************************A full list of all changes and security fixes is available in thedetailed changelog.

    As always, a big thank you goes to all our active package maintainers, testers, documenters, and supporters.

    Have fun!

    The OpenWrt Community

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