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Justin Herbert: 20 / 36 – 304 YDS – 2 TD – 2 INT

Jayden Daniels: 22 / 32 – 408 YDS – 3 TDTD SCORERS: (UO) Cyrus Habibi-Likio, Cyrus Habibi-Likio, Johnny Johnson III, Johnny Johnson III (ASU) Frank Darby, Frank Darby, Brandon Aiyuk

DUCK YARDS: 458 YDS – 304 passing – 154 rushing

SUN DEVIL YARDS: 535 YDS – 408 passing – 127 rushing

TURNOVERS FORCED: Ducks 0 – Sun Devils 2

1ST QUARTER:Mykael Wright took the opening kickoff to the Duck 17 – yard line. Justin Herbert rolled out of the pocket and hit Juwan Johnson for a big gain after the receiver pushed past a couple defenders for 25 yards. The Sun Devils’ Jermayne Lole and Roe Wilkins combined for a one yard sack on the next play, and after a short completion to Brian Addison, Johnson was unable to pull in the throw on the 3rd-and-6 and Oregon was forced to punt from Midfield.

Arizona State started at their own 20 and picked up eight yards on back-to-back carries, but an illegal motion called on a Sun Devil fullback led to a 3rd-and-long that they weren’t able to convert.

After Jevon Holland’s fair catch on the Oregon 20, Herbert hit CJ Verdell on the swing pass for a four-yard gain. Verdell received four straight carries after that and earned two first downs. Herbert missed out on an open Spencer Webb on second, but connected with Johnny Johnson III for a 28 – yard gain to the ASU 5. Once in the red zone, an incomplete pass to Addison was followed by a Cyrus Habibi-Likio five-yard score.

Ducks 7 – Sun Devils 0

Daniels threw a dart to Brandon Aiyuk on the outside for a nine-yard gain, then Benjamin erupted forward for the Sun Devils’ first first down of the game. Troy Dye was able to get some pressure on Daniels who lost a yard while scrambling, but the freshman QB found Frank Darby on a deep route that resulted in a 57 – yard touchdown.

Sun Devils 7 – Ducks 7

After the touchback, Oregon was called for a delay of game, but quickly earned back their yardage with a 16 – yard run by Travis Dye. Webb picked up 11 yards after a review confirmed he stepped out of bounds at the Oregon 47, and a pair of Dye runs gained 14 more yards. A 24 – yard tunnel screen to Johnson III got the Ducks into the red zone, but Oregon turned it over on downs after going for it on 4th-and-1 at the ASU 6.

The Sun Devils ended the first quarter with two consecutive carries by Benjamin that went for three total yards.

2nd QUARTER:On 3rd-and-7 at their own 9, Aiyuk helped the Sun Devils drastically improve their field position by catching a ball at the ASU 43. A one-yard Benjamin carry was proceeded by a false start, and after the back picked up seven more yards an unsportsmanlike conduct called on Jack Jones of the Sun Devils from the sideline put them even further behind the sticks. Benjamin reclaimed (yards but ASU was forced to punt.)

Verdell continued his success by breaking off a 13 – yard run, but some backfield trickeration resulted in a loss of nine on the next play. Johnson was well defended and unable to haul in the pass, then a screen to Dye fell well short of the first down marker meaning Oregon was three-and-out.

Starting at their 24, the Sun Devils carried the ball four straight times to reach midfield: Benjamin for 12 – yards, Daniels on a rollout for six, then Benjamin again for three and the first down. After a six-yard loss on a first down carry, Aiyuk came up big yet again with a 17 – yard catch. Herm then took a timeout with 6: 53 left in the first half after being called for a false start.

Darby had another momentous catch that he took 33 yards to the Oregon 13. Bryson Young stopped a run up the gut, then ASU was called for their fourth false start. In the red zone, the Ducks ’defense were able to hold the Sun Devils to a field goal.

Sun Devils 10 – Ducks 7

Oregon had a quick three-and-out that consisted of two Verdell runs for a total of seven yards and then a batted down screen pass on third down. Daniels led his team down the field on an 11 -play, 27 – yard drive (in which he threw his first incompletion) to finish up the first half. Daniels was sacked by Austin Fauliu with four seconds left to set up the final play, a hail mary that flew over the end zone.


                   Oregon v Arizona State                                    Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images             

****************************************** (3rd QUARTER:Arizona State started with the ball and the lead in the second half. After a rare off-throw from Jayden Daniels, he was able to connect with Eno Benjamin for an 11 – yard gain. Then a pass to Kyle Williams, aided by a face mask committed by Oregon, moved the Sun Devils back into the red zone. However, some strong play by Jordon Scott once again held ASU to a field goal.

Sun Devils 13 – Ducks 7

Workhorse back CJ Verdell carried the ball four consecutive times for two first downs, then a 14 – yard pass to Juwan Johnson got the ball to the ASU 35 before three straight incompletions ended the drive.

Punter Blake Maimone was able to pin the Sun Devils to within three yards of their own end zone. Benjamin was able to give his team some breathing room with a short carry and a quick reception for the first down. Then a big run from the back picked up 25 yards and the Oregon defense looked baffled as ASU continued to pick up chunk yardage. Some Duck pressure was finally able to affect Daniels in the pocket and the drive stalled out at the Oregon 42.

Cristobal continued to pound the ball, this time with back-to-back carries by Travis Dye who picked up five then 23 yards on the ground. But Justin Herbert looked frantic in the next three plays and was lucky to not turnover the ball on a couple of passes.

The Ducks punted after their five-play, 22 – yard drive, and the Sun Devils were looking to add to their lead. A false start got things off on the wrong foot, but some successful running by Benjamin was able to help flip the field with an ASU punt from the Oregon 33.

The final two plays of the third quarter were a couple of Verdell runs for a combined 11 yards to earn a fresh set of downs.

4TH QUARTER:Herbert’s first pass of the fourth quarter was picked off by Jack Jones and returned to the Oregon 31 – yard line. Daniels ran for five yards, then carries by Williams and Benjamin earned the first down. Another ASU false start put them back five yards, but a 26 – yard touchdown pass to Frank Darby (followed by a two-point conversion due to a pass to Benjamin) put the Sun Devils up by 14 Points.

Sun Devils 21 – Ducks 7

Verdell picked up three yards on the ground, but on 2nd-and-7 Herbert threw his second interception of the game. Khaylan Kearse-Thomas returned the ball to the Oregon 20 after the pick and Cristobal decided to call a timeout with 11: 59 left in the game, down by 14 points.

Arizona State ran the ball four times for 13 yards but were stopped at the Oregon 4 when Benjamin’s screen fell short of the end zone. Christian Zendejas hit another field goal with 8: 42 left in the game.

Sun Devils 24 – Ducks 7

After the touchback, Herbert hit Johnny Johnson III for an 11 – yard gain. A roughing the passer penalty on Roe Wilkins gave the Ducks a first down and injured Verdell who attempted to block the rushing Wilkins. Johnson III took a well-blocked tunnel pass 39 yards to the ASU 10, then a Cyrus Habibi-Likio carry earned the Ducks their second touchdown of the night.

Sun Devils

– Ducks 14

Daniels took the ball five yards and the Sun Devils began to milk the clock. Benjamin picked up two on a run up the gut, but Isaac Slade-Matautia batted down a pass on 3rd-and-3 to force the punt.

Herbert connected with Johnson III for a 19 – yard gain, and then returned to the receiver on the next play to pick up 23 more to reach the ASU 24. The game was delayed due to an injured Sun Devil (which brought out some boos from the Duck faithful who believed this was a plot to resettle the defense) but when Herbert returned to the field he went right back to Johnson III for his third straight completion and a 24 – yard touchdown.

Sun Devils 24 – Ducks 21

A delay of game pushed the Sun Devils back five yards, then Bryson Young and Austin Faoliu combined for a sack that lost ASU seven yards. But on 3rd-and – 16, Daniels connected with Aiyuk, who juked his way past Deommodore Lenoir, for an 81 – yard touchdown.

Sun Devils– Ducks 21

An unsportsmanlike penalty on a taunting Sun Devil gave the Ducks good field position. Completions to Spencer Webb, Johnny Johnson III, and Travis Dye got Oregon down the field in a hurry. Herbert was unable to connect with Johnson III in time as the hot receiver was in the end zone, but on the next play Johnson III took a tunnel pass for 17 yards to the end zone.

Sun Devils 31 – Ducks 28

An onside kick attempt failed when a Duck was ruled offside which resulted in the Sun Devils starting their final drive at the Oregon 44. Benjamin picked up eight yards on first down and Oregon called their second timeout. Benjamin then picked up the first down and the Ducks called their final timeout. Herm Edwards and Arizona State then ran out the clock for the win.


                   Oregon v Arizona State                                    Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images             

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