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Overwatch 2 reportedly to be revealed at BlizzCon: New Hero and PvE mode – Dexerto,

Overwatch 2 reportedly to be revealed at BlizzCon: New Hero and PvE mode


Blizzard will reveal the sequel to their popular title Overwatch,Overwatch 2, at their upcoming BlizzCon event at the beginning of November, according to a (report) submitted to ESPN from Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau.

According to Slasher’s sources, the next chapter of Blizzard’s Overwatch project will be written at BlizzCon, when Blizzard will reveal Overwatch 2.

Slasher cites a BlizzCon employee and a BlizzCon training document in his report to ESPN.


Overwatch 2 will reportedly make its debut at BlizzCon

The report confirms the Overwatch 2 logo previously leaked online, and also confirms a PvE mode with talents and in-game items, more story and narrative-driven content, new modes, new heroes, and new maps .

The Overwatch 2 rumor is just one of the many related to BlizzCon. A new World of Warcraft expansion and a fourth installment of Diablo have also been rumored.

New Overwatch 2 hero: Echo

Slasher reported on his Twitter account that the new character will be named ‘Echo.’

it’s expected that Blizzard will reveal Echo as Overwatch’s 32 nd hero, which was originally shown off at last year BlizzCon

– Rod Breslau (@Slasher)October 27, 2019

Echo first made her appearance at last year BlizzCon, appearing in an animated short titled “Reunion” that starred McCree and new hero Ashe. Echo is a robot with holographically projected face. It has now been reported that this year BlizzCon is when she will debut as a playable hero.

New PvE mission: four player co-op mission set in Rio


The report also confirms new co-op missions in Overwatch 2. One of the missions is revealed to be a four-player co-op story mission set in Rio de Janeiro, home of hero Lucio. At this point it remains unclear whether the sequel will focus on more story and co-op experiences, or the traditional PvP modes.

PvP will get a new game mode titled “Push”, according to the report, and will be set on a new map based in Toronto, Canada.

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