Tuesday , March 9 2021

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Bitcoin Wallet Firm Ledger Discovers Full Extent of Hack

Ledger plans to update its data privacy policies as a result of the massive data breach. Parisian hardware wallet company Ledger has disclosed that personal details of a further 20,000 customers were exposed following a security breach of its databases, bringing the total affected to 292,000. In a blog post today, Ledger also announced intentions to update its data privacy …

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Billionaire Bitcoin Skeptic Wants to Understand Cryptocurrency

Billionaire investor Howard Marks appears to be more open to the cryptocurrency world, and reveals that his son owns a “meaningful amount” of Bitcoin. Famous investor Howard Marks has acknowledged that he wants to get a better understanding the cryptocurrency world. In his latest memo for the clients, the billionaire co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management explains why he had been …

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Has Bitcoin Peaked at $42,000 or Is it Just Getting Started?

Bitcoin broke an all-time high and dropped by $10,000 all within a week, putting the cryptocurrency at a crossroads. Bitcoin’s price is in a precarious position. In the last week, Bitcoin surged above the $40,000 mark, only to witness its largest daily drop in history. But Bitcoin’s chart pattern has experts either extremely bullish, or very worried. First up is …

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