Tuesday , August 4 2020

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‘Bitcoin ain’t going away. It’s gonna get stronger,’ says US Congressman

Centralized monetary systems never end well, US Congressman Tom Emmer said during the latest Pomp Podcast. The decentralized nature of Bitcoin is what makes it stand out compared to traditional, tightly controlled fiat currencies, US Congressman Tom Emmer said yesterday, during the “Pomp Podcast” hosted by Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano. Emmer pointed out that Bitcoin was conceived by …

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Getting married? This UAE survey will help you with the costs amid COVID-19

Like Our Facebook Page For Latest News Dubai: The Ministry of Community Development (MoCD) has launched an e-survey to create a platform on how to spend less on wedding ceremonies, in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. “The survey entitled ‘The Pros of Completing Marriage Without Wedding Ceremonies’ is part of promoting positive societal attitudes. The purpose of the study is …

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Ethereum co-founder plans a social “super app” for dapps

Mihai Alisie was Vitalik Buterin’s right-hand man in the early days of Ethereum. Now he’s planning a “super app” that will fix its biggest flaw. Mihai Alisie is one of eight Ethereum co-founders—the only one who’d worked with Vitalik Buterin before he devised his “World Computer”. In recent years, he’s been less visible—but now, he’s emerging into the limelight with …

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