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Pai Zaobao: Apple released new systems such as iOS 18 at the opening event of WWDC24

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Apple releases new systems such as iOS 18 at the WWDC24 opening event

In the early morning of June 11th, Beijing time, Apple held the opening event of WWDC24, released iOS 18, iPadOS 18, watchOS 11, tvOS 18, visionOS 2, macOS Sequoia and other systems, and introduced Apple Intelligence, a personal intelligent system fully integrated in iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia.

iOS 18 brings many new features such as a more customizable home screen and game mode. iPadOS 18 brings new features such as the calculator app. macOS Sequoia brings features such as iPhone mirroring. Siri, Safari, Memos and other cross-platform apps have received major updates. All new systems have been released in developer beta, and the public beta is expected to be launched in July.

In addition, the Chinese version of Vision Pro was announced at the event to go on sale on June 28, and pre-orders will be accepted at 9 am on June 14, with a starting price of 29,999 yuan.


VisionOS released the official version of visionOS 1.2 after the event.

For more details about the event and the new system, please see:

Judge rules Google doesn't need jury trial in U.S. ad case

According to Reuters on June 8, after paying $2.3 million to cover the damages, interest and potential losses proposed by the U.S. government, Google was ruled by the judge not to undergo a jury trial, but to be sentenced by the judge on September 9. Previously, the U.S. government had proposed more than $100 million in compensation to Google in this digital advertising antitrust case, making the case the first civil antitrust case to be tried by a jury.source

Microsoft Visual Studio will support automatic updates via Windows Update

Microsoft Developer Community released an announcement on June 8, announcing that Visual Studio will get security updates through Microsoft Update (MU) starting in August. The advantage of this is that the system will automatically update Visual Studio without the need for users to do anything, ensuring that users are always using the latest version of Visual Studio, which not only brings new features and experiences, but also helps fix vulnerabilities and improve security. This update solution only supports the LTSC versions of Visual Studio 2017, 2019, and 2022, as well as the regular version of Visual Studio, and developers need to modify the registry to enable Visual Studio to support automatic updates via Windows Update.source

Microsoft makes Recall opt-in and rolls out new privacy measures

Microsoft responded positively to the controversial Recall feature in a blog post on June 8, saying that the feature has now become an optional feature, and users will be asked whether to turn it on during the OOBE process. If the user chooses to turn it on, Windows Hello authentication is required when viewing the timeline. At the same time, Microsoft also provides additional protection mechanisms to prevent anyone from accessing the entire Recall database. Windows 11 will use just-in-time encryption to ensure that snapshots and search index databases can only be decrypted after the user authenticates using Windows Hello and its enhanced security measures. Microsoft also reminds users of the existing privacy protection measures it has implemented, such as storing snapshots locally and not sharing them with anyone (even with Microsoft), notifying users when Windows 11 takes snapshots, supporting DRM and InPrivate, and being able to filter, pause and delete saved content.source

Microsoft releases Xbox Series X / S game console 1TB white version without optical drive


Microsoft officially announced the 1TB white non-disc drive version of the Xbox Series X|S game console at the Xbox Games Showcase event on June 10. Both models have no optical drive, are equipped with 1TB SSD storage, and use a white shell. In addition, Microsoft also simultaneously launched a special edition Xbox Series X game console in Galaxy Black color, which uses 2TB SSD storage and has a black shell with green highlights. It is also equipped with a special Xbox controller with Galaxy Black direction keys and Velocity Green back shell. All three new products will be available during the Christmas holiday of 2024. The white digital version of the Xbox Series X is priced at $449.99, the white digital version of the Xbox Series S is priced at $349.99, and the Galaxy Black special edition of the Xbox Series X is priced at $599.99.source

Internal data of laptop manufacturer Clevo leaked

Recently, the cybercrime group RansomHub published some information from the notebook ODM and OEM manufacturer CLEVO on its website, claiming that it had stolen 200GB of confidential information and demanded a ransom from CLEVO. The disclosed information included the design drawings of some computer models and the future product roadmaps of manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.source


Japanese bullet screen website Niconico suffered a large-scale cyber attack

Since the early morning of June 8, the Japanese bullet screen website Niconico has been attacked by a large-scale cyber attack and has not yet recovered. On June 10, the Niconico management team published a blog post announcing that it had decided to rebuild the affected system and conduct a damage investigation since 6 pm. It is expected that it will not be restored before June 16. It is worth mentioning that Niconico's operating company Dwango and its parent company Kadokawa Group were also attacked at almost the same time. At present, the Dwango homepage has been restored, and the Kadokawa Group's official website has posted a repair notice.source


Just take a look at the gossip

  • Retailer smartdeals recently exposed a new mid-range Android model that HMD is about to launch, HMD SKYLINE. The front of this model adopts a design similar to the front style of the previous Nokia Lumia. Its performance positioning is close to HMD's previously launched Nokia 8.3. It uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2, a FHD+ 120Hz AMOLED screen, dual speakers, and supports OZO audio technology and PureView technology.source
  • After the WWDC24 opening ceremony, Elon Musk posted several tweets on X criticizing the collaboration between Apple Intelligence and OpenAI, including one that said, “If Apple integrates OpenAI at the system level, Apple devices will be banned in my company,” and called it an “unacceptable security violation.”source

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Japanese video-sharing platform Niconico was victim of a cyber attack

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