Pakistani man gets life for killing Filipino maid in Dubai

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Dubai: A worker has been sentenced to life in jail for killing a housemaid by striking her across the head four times with a metal bar after she caught him stealing from a villa, a Dubai court on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old Pakistani worker killed the Filipina victim inside her room at her employer’s house in a residential area in Al Barsha last March, 2019.

The defendant said during investigation, that his employer brought him to the UAE to work in maintenance. He was assigned to work in a villa for a month but later he had a dispute with his employer and he was jobless for three months.

He decided to go the same neighbourhood in Al Barsha to look for work and entered a secure compound out of sight of security. He saw the victim walking the family’s dog outside the villa and entered her room searching for valuables, but when he heard her coming back he hid in the room.

“The victim screamed when she saw the defendant,” said prosecutors. “He then struck her four times across the head using a metal bar designed to break rocks.”

The defendant left the room but the dog blocked his way and kept barking in front of him, so he beat the dog using the bar and fled to a deserted area where he buried the murder weapon.

He admitted that he entered the compound in order to get food or money as he was jobless, and he said he entered the maids room hoping to find something to steal but the maid caught him, said police.

The villa’s owner said that he was with his wife playing golf while his son was in the house studying with the maid. When he returned to the house he saw the dog bleeding from its head.

“I went to the maid’s room and she was laying in a pool of blood. My son only saw the dog bleeding and I reported the incident to police,” said the 59-year-old Tanzanian villa owner.

The defendant was charged with premediated murder, attempted robbery, trespassing and injuring an animal.

He will be deported after serving his jail term.

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