Thursday , February 25 2021

PlayStation 5 Leak Reveals Best Look at Sony's DualShock 5 Controller, Crypto Coins News

  • Fresh images of PS5 dev kit find their way online.
  • Snaps feature the best look at DualShock 5 controller to date.
  • Sony hosts CES 222422 press conference later today.

Another set of images of the PlayStation 5 dev kit have made their way onto the internet. Althoughwe’ve already had a good look at the console itself, the collage of photos offers the first up-close and personal look at the next- generation console’s DualShock 5 controller.

DualShock 5 Up-Close

The images were posted late yesterday on the PS5 subreddit. Originally published on Facebook, they come courtesy of a cleaner named Patrick, who snapped the pics while working at a company he refers to as ‘U.’ Possibly Ubisoft?


Patrick, rather naively, asks people to refrain from sharing the snaps. But, as we are dealing with possibly the most anticipated gaming development of 2020, they’ve naturally circulated far and wide.

As for what we can glean from these hastily snapped pictures, the DualShock 5 shares many similarities with the DualShock 4, which incidentally isreported as being PlayStation 5 compatible.

Sony isn’t reinventing the wheel here but instead building on the solid foundations of the DualShock 4. The central touchpad appears more pronounced and protrudes a little more from the shell compared to the PlayStation 4 controller. Additionally, the controller seems all around stockier than previous iterations.

While the images offer the best look so far at the DualShock 5, there’s still a lot that remains elusive about the controller. Theheavily rumored back buttonscan’t be confirmed due to the top-down perspective of the images.


Source:Lets Go DigitalWe’d warn against expecting the final shipped product. to be identical, given that this is a developer-only prototype. Keen challenge will notice the absence of button icons or PlayStation branding. Sony will undoubtedly incorporate these into the final consumer-ready design.Sony at CESWe may not have to wait too long to hear more from Sony about the PlayStation 5. Sony hosts a press conference at the 2020 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) later on today. The tag line for the event is ‘the future is coming.’

It’s easy to read into this too much given Sony distributes its eggs across many a basket from televisions to camcorders. The future is a vague term.

Historically, Sony hasn’t used the CES platform for PlayStation announcements, so it’s unlikely. But given the company unorthodox approach ofannouncing the PlayStation 5 in lackluster fashion via an article in Wired back in October

, anything could happen.

The press conference kicks off at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST / 1 am GMT later today. Catch the live stream on

Sony’s web site here.

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