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Prince Charles and the Queen feared Prince Andrew scandal risked overshadowing the General Election – Daily Mail, Google News


Prince Charles and the Queen forced Prince Andrew to quit public life after hearing the scandal mentioned during ITV election debate and ‘fear it was overshadowing democracy’

  • )Backlash facing Prince Andrew was brought up in election leaders’ debate
  • Sparked fears that the fallout was interfering with the democratic process
  • Prince of Wales and aides to the Queen said to have advised Andrew step down

BySebastian Murphy-bates For Mailonline


Prince Charlestold the Queen to make the Duke of York step down from public life over fears that the Epstein scandal was overshadowing the general election.

Royal sources claim that Prince Andrew’s friendship with the convicted paedophile, who killed himself in prison, was too much of a distraction in the Prince of Wales’s opinion.

Charles , who is touringNew Zealandwith the Duchess of Cornwall, suggested his younger brother be withdrawn from the public eye to reduce publicity surrounding h im,The Timesreports.

Charles (left, in New Zealand with Camilla on Thursday) urged the Queen to have Andrew (right, with his brother) step down from royal duties

The Duke is facing a backlash after his Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis concerning the billionaire financier.

Senior aides are also said to have expressed similar worries to the Queen about distracting from the election.

It came after the controversy was mentioned on the ITV debate between Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

This led to fears that the issues surrounding Andrew could be perceived as interfering with democracy.

Prince Andrew (pictured leaving Buckingham Palace in central London on Thursday) was told to step down from royal duties

Other worries circulated about the fallout upstaging Charles and Camilla’s royal tour.

After hearing advice, the Queen acted on it and informed her 59 – year-old son of the royal household’s view on how to proceed.

Despite Andrew issuing a statement saying he’d sought permission to step back from public duties, it is privately understood that he has basically been sacked.

A source told The Times that the question of the election was central to the matter. Another said the Prince of Wales would never have acted above his station and said the final decision lay with the Queen.




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