Projects in MongoDB – Learn MongoDB Building Projects


MongoDB is a powerful and open-source, cross-platform database program. It is classified as a NoSQL database, and stores data in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, known as BSON. This results in MongoDB being able to run on a small RAM and is comparatively faster than a lot of DBMS out there. It is extremely flexible and is a great database for companies that consider scaling.


  • Build Web Solutions using MongoDB
  • Learn to harness full power of document oriented schema
  • Use server side javascript with mongoDB
  • Learn best practices for NoSQL development


  • MongoDB
  • MEAN
  • Javascript, JQuery

Some brilliant features of MongoDB are:

Document-oriented – MongoDB can store the business subject in the least amount of documents

Ad hoc queries – Supports ad hoc queries by field, range and regular expressions

Indexing – any field in a document can be indexed, with availability of secondary indices

Replication – provides high availability with replica sets, both of which can work as primary or secondary replica set

File storage – can be used as a file storage system

Server-side JavaScript execution – allows JavaScript to be used in queries, aggregation functions and can also be sent directly to the database for execution

Capped collections – supports fixed-size collections called capped collections

Other technologies that you will learn in this course include: JSON/BSON, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.JS, Express, Angular, Meteor, MEAN Stack, Ruby on Rails, and so much more. You will build 12 different projects from scratch to get hands on experience with this brilliant database technology.

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