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Python 3.7.4 (default, Sep 7 2019, 18: 27: 02)    >>>import requests

    >>>r=requests.get ('')    >>>r.json () ["description"]    'A simple, yet elegant HTTP library. Handcrafted, with ♥, for the Python community. '    


This software has been designed for you, with much joy, byKenneth Reitz& is secured by ThePython Software Foundation.    

Requestsis an elegant and simple HTTP library for Python, built with ♥.

>>>importrequests>>>r=requests.get ('https: // api / user',auth=(''user','pass'))>>>r.status_code 200>>>r.headers ['content-type'] 'application / json; charset=utf8 '>>>r.encoding 'utf-8'>>>r.text u '{"type": "User" ...'>>>r.json () {u'disk_usage ': 368627, u'private_gists': 484, ...}

Requests allows you to send HTTP / 1.1 requests extremely easily. There’s no need to manually add query strings to your URLs, or to form-encode yourPUT&POSTdata – but nowadays, just use thejsonmethod!

Requests isthe most downloaded Python package today, pulling in around14 M downloads / week– according to GitHub, Requests is currentlydepended uponby367 _ 296repositories. You may certianly put your trust in this code.


Supported Features & Best – Practices

Requests is ready for the demands of building robust and reliable HTTP – speak applications, for the needs of today.

 International Domains and URLs   Keep-Alive & Connection Pooling            Sessions with Cookie Persistence   Browser-style SSL Verification            Basic & Digest Authentication   Familiar `dict` – like Cookies            Automatic Decompression of Content   Automatic Content Decoding            Automatic Connection Pooling   Unicode Response Bodies *            Multi-part File Uploads   SOCKS Proxy Support            Connection Timeouts   Streaming Downloads            Automatic honoring of `.netrc`   Chunked HTTP Requests                                            &, of course, rock – solid stability!


Requests Module Installation

The recommended way to intall therequestsmodule is to simply usePIPENV(orpip, of course):

$pipenv install requestsAdding requests to Pipfile's [packages]…✔ Installation Succeeded

Requests officially supports Python 2.7 & 3.4–3.8.

PS – Documentation is Available at//






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