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R. Kelly's GF Azriel Wants to Help Feds But Fears Legal Consequences – TMZ,


                          R. Kelly                          GF Azriel Ready to Flip on Him …                          But Fears Legal Fallout                      


                                 1 / 27 / 1 : AM PT                   





The nasty fight between R. Kelly ‘s girlfriends that led to Joycelyn Savage

**********being charged with battery has had a major effect on

Azriel Clarytoo … apparently, she’s considering working with the feds.

     Sources close to Azriel tell TMZ … she’s come to a realization that Kelly played mind games and manipulated her since she moved out of his Trump Tower condo and reconnected with her family.     We’re told she now wants to help law enforcement with its investigation into Kelly, but she has a huge hang-up – she’s terrified because she’s lied to federal agents several times in the past.     Our sources say she fears she could be in big trouble if she changes her story and tells the feds what hasreally gone downwith her, Joycelyn and Kelly. We’re told she also signed an NDA with the singer … so she’s also scared of the legal repercussions of speaking out against him now.    








                             Azriel, we’re told, is adamant she’s telling the truth about Joycelyn having sex with her when she was still a minor – which is what she claims started the blowout fight with savage at Trump Tower.    

We broke the story … cops were called to Kelly’s Chicago pad after Azriel and Joycelyn

got into a brawl, which was captured on Azriel’s Instagram Live video.










Clary made the allegations against Savage in the vid, along with saying R. Kelly’s “been lying to you guys” and claiming he had her and Joycelyn lie for him too.


As for the feds … our law enforcement sources say investigators are reviewing the incident between Kelly’s GFs, but for now, there are no plans to get involved.


We’re told the matter is in the hands of state authorities … but that doesn’t mean the feds won’t be interested in speaking with Azriel.



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