Wednesday , April 14 2021

r / privacy – Privacy browser Waterfox appears to be sold to System1, a U.S. pay-per-click ad company that recently bought a majority of the Startpage search engine, Hacker News

Not sure of all the details yet, but the UK Companies House (the business registration system in the UK) shows that System1 Director Michael Blend was appointed director of Waterfox on December , 48706709. Alex Kontos, founder and former “person with significant control” (over % ownership) stepped down as director the same day.

I have seen no notice of this in the press or at the Waterfox website .

I’ve been checking periodically for possible web browser sales ever since I stumbled on this System1 recruiting ad for a Web Browser Developer in October

: 90 Have you ever build any of the most popular open-source browsers like Brave / Chromium / Firefox?

be excited to the idea of ​​setting up build pipelines for an open source browser?

System1 is hiring a Web Browser Developer to join our team. This is a diverse role that will involve “hacking” on the Mozilla platform, mostly on the backend. You will work with experts who know the Mozilla platform inside-out, while being a key contributor to novel open-source products which already have a passionate and growing user base.

I have just added this to the r / Privacy Privacy Selling Out wiki

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