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“Ransom Attack Protection Technology Application Guide (2024 Edition)” report and annual representative manufacturer recommendation launched

“Ransom Attack Protection Technology Application Guide (2024 Edition)” report and annual representative manufacturer recommendation launched

Date: May 15, 2024
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In recent years, the impact of ransomware attacks has become more and more severe, and it has become a key content that must be paid attention to in the digital development of various types of enterprise organizations. Globally, the number of ransomware attacks has grown rapidly in 2023. The average ransom amount for a single victim has exceeded US$1 million, and the total ransom amount has almost doubled. In traditional ransomware attacks, attackers usually carry out data encryption, system locking, etc. However, with the rise of new attack methods such as double ransomware and non-encrypted ransomware, a single protection method is no longer enough to resist high-level ransomware attacks.

In order to help enterprise organizations better deal with the threat of ransomware attacks, Safe Cow will be officially launched from now on.“Ransom Attack Protection Technology Application Guide (2024 Edition)” Report(hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) research work, and evaluate and display the annual representative manufacturers in the field of ransomware attack protection technology in my country.

In the previous edition of the “Ransomware Protection Construction Guide” report, SafeNiu conducted research on the systematic construction of protection against ransomware attacks and proposed relevant construction ideas. In this report, we will focus on analyzing the trend of new ransomware attacks, conduct research and analysis on the implementation of ransomware attack protection technology, and give suggestions for solution selection based on the characteristics and needs of users' actual protection scenarios.

Research Notes

1. This report will start from the needs of Party A and the actual capabilities provided by the manufacturer, focusing on the study of effective, implementable, and high application value capability solutions;

2. This report will be based on Safe Cow“Panorama of China's Cybersecurity Industry (Eleventh Edition)”The research results further analyze the manufacturer's ransomware attack protection capabilities. Based on objective data and survey interview results, we will evaluate the application representativeness of ransomware protection products or solutions from five dimensions: core capabilities, collaboration capabilities, service capabilities, productization capabilities, and market applications, and recommend and display 10 companies with better Security vendors and product solutions that apply valuable ransomware attack protection;

3. The research and inclusion in this report need to be based on independent declarations by enterprises. The relevant declaration data must be authentic and verifiable. Enterprises that cannot cooperate with data verification must indicate and explain the reasons when declaring; since some declaration contents may involve corporate trade secrets, the declaration Enterprises can sign data authenticity and confidentiality agreements with Safe Niu.

Research Highlights

1. This report will start from actual scenarios and design solutions based on actual user network needs, making the practical suggestions put forward in the report more targeted;

2. This report will focus on the defense design of cutting-edge ransomware attack methods to ensure that the defense solution can defend against mainstream ransomware attack methods in the next three years;

3. This report will focus on the product technology, performance, and characteristics actually owned by the manufacturer to ensure that the proposed solution has strong feasibility.

Application requirements and registration

This report survey is intended for targeted invitations from manufacturers included in the second-level category of “Ransomware Attack Protection” in the 11th edition of the Panorama of 2024.Each shortlisted manufacturer can scan the QR code above to register for freeParticipate in this research activity.

Registration consultation:

Sun Ruohan: 18610811242

Zhang Shaokui: 13811300925

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