Sunday , May 16 2021

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Bored of reading React tutorials? Let’s be honest, reading some random code does not equal to being able to do it.

In this track, we’re building a stock market app using React. You’ll be able to get your hands dirty with the following topics

  • How to prevent re-render (or what it even means)
  • How to handle errors properly in React
  • How to fetch data from a server
  • How to pass data among components at different levels of the render tree
  • Finally, we’re going to try the new hottie: Hooks, and see the difference in a real project

This track consists of the following 5 tasks. You have a basic version of the app, with some polished components, like a stock price chart view, a basic stock list, and a detail view. The previous frontend dev is only good at UI, so he filled the code with some hard coded data. Your journey as the frontend guru of the team starts here.

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