Real reason for Megxit: Prince Harry’s ‘desperate’ hope for baby Archie’s upbringing – Express,

Real reason for Megxit: Prince Harry’s ‘desperate’ hope for baby Archie’s upbringing – Express,

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will officially step back as senior members of the Royal Family in the Spring. But for years, Prince Harry has been an integral member of the Firm, so why is he so “desperate” for his son , Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor , to be raised away from “all the pomp and royalty” which he experienced?

Prince Harry and Meghan sent shockwaves around the globe earlier this month when they revealed their intention to step back from the Royal Family.

The couple shared the bombshell news in an Instagram post on January 8, a day before Kate, Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s news was said to “deeply hurt” the Royal Family.

But after royal crisis talks at Sandringham with the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, the Queen released a statement of support for the couple.

However, she did say that she would have “preferred” for them to continue on in their current capacity.

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Megxit reason: Prince Harry and Meghan will step down from royal duties in Spring (Image: GETTY)

Megxit reason: The Sussex family in South Africa together (Image: GETTY )

Negotiations about the so-called Megxit process was decided over the following and last weekend Buckingham Palace shared a statement about the conditions by which Harry and Meghan will leave royal life.

From Spring , they will no longer use their HRH titles, undertake royal duties or receive any public funds for their work. Speaking after these conditions had been revealed, Prince Harry shared some background about why he and wife Meghan made the shocking move.

During a private reception in central London for charity Sentebale, Prince Harry said he is “taking a leap of faith” in stepping back , adding that he felt “there really was no other option”.

Harry also said he had found “the love and happiness” he had always wanted with Meghan and they were “not walking away”.

The Duke of Sussex added the decision had brought him “great sadness that it has come to this”.

Megxit reason: The family together for the first time (Image: GETTY ) Megxit reason: Prince Harry said the decision brought him ‘great sadness’ (Image: GETTY)

However, primatologist Jane Goodall has this week suggested Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to walk away from royal life was unsurprising.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Dr Goodall said: “Well it does not surprise me, having met them both.”

She added: “I know that Prince Harry really felt constrained and he desperately wan ts little Archie to grow up away from all the pomp and royalty, I know that.

“I haven’t been in the UK. I haven’t really followed the news … I had no idea that anything like this was going to happen. ”

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The Duke of Sussex first met the chimpanzee expert at Frogmore Cottage when baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten- Windsor was just five weeks old.

Prince Harry met with Dr Goodall who was being interviewed by the Duke for the special edition of Vogue which was edited by Meghan.

Harry and Meghan, who are both huge fans of the world-renowned primatologist and activist, invited her in June last year, where she cuddled their newborn son.

The Sussexes’ official Instagram account said Harry met with Dr Goodall for “an intimate conversation on environment, activism, and the world as they see it.”

the post added the pair “Spoke candidly about many topics including the effects of unconscious bias, and the need for people to acknowledge that your upbringing and environment can cause you to be prejudiced without realizing it.”

Megxit reason: Royals

Megxit reason: Harry said he is ‘taking a leap of faith’ for his family’s future (Image: GETTY)

Megxit reason: Royals Megxit reason: Royals

Megxit reason: Sussex royal Instagram post featuring an image of Archie and Harry ((Image: INSTAGRAM / SUSSEX ROYAL)

Energy reader Alison Ward agreed with Dr Goodall’s assessment and said Prince Harry’s speech last Sunday underlined how dedicated he was to his family.

She said: “So the line that speaks volumes is: ‘The decisio n that I have made for my wife and I to step back, is not one I made lightly. ‘

“Prince Harry is letting the world know he has made the decision based on being the husband and father of their family and that he was manipulated by Meghan. ”

Additionally, the energy reader Harry’s speech made clear that he was adamant about the different life he wants for himself, Meghan, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and any other children they may add to their family.

She said: “What is evident throughout Harry’s speech is that it is full of warmth and love for his loyal followers and supporters in the room.

“He clearly thanks them for educating him about life and supporting him, even when he gets it wrong. Harry is a man who knows his own mind, he shows humility, passion, and loyalty to the Queen and his country.

“I truly feel that Harry’s value of freedom had to come into play here as he has been tapped within the confines of the royal family and the media for too long; he was born into this.

“When our values ​​are compromised eventually something has to give. This is Harry’s freedom now, he simply couldn’t hold back any longer. Bless you, Harry. ”

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