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Program like you are used to. Do not waste time with           complex or new environments.           

           Standard programming in C or C

RIOT supports Docker and Vagrant. Setup your RIOT development environment very easily. We provide a Docker repository , as well as a Vagrant image .








Hardware Support       


RIOT runs on several platforms including embedded devices as well             as common PCs. It supports multiple drivers, which allows you to start out of             the box. The hardware dependent code is reduced to a minimum and abstracted             from the kernel itself.           












           Project roots. The seed for RIOT was FeuerWare, an operating system for Wireless Sensor Networks. It was part of the FeuerWhere project where firefighters should be           monitored. Major design goals were reliability and real-time guarantees.                  

           Towards Internet compliance. To increase modularity and include new IETF protocols, µkleos was forked from the orignal FeuerWare repository. Support for 6LoWPAN, RPL, and TCP was integrated over the           following years.                  



            RIOT goes public. RIOT is the direct successor of µkleos. We decided on             re-branding to avoid problems with spelling and pronouncing the             name of the operating system. We explicitly promote RIOT to a larger community.           





Scientific Papers       



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