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Rockets land first ‘direct hit’ on the US embassy in Baghdad in years – The Sun,

THE US Embassy compound in Baghdad was hit by numerous rockets on Sunday, according to US officials.

The three direct hits were the first time the compound has been hit in a number of years and comes just weeks after a pro-Iranian militia group and supporters assaulted the compound.

 Five missiles were reported to have been fired at the US Embassy compound in Baghdad on Sunday, with three resulting in direct hits


Five missiles were reported to have been fired at the US Embassy compound in Baghdad on Sunday, with three resulting in direct hits Credit: EPA )

The compound of # USEmbassy in # Baghdad received a direct rockets hit by unruly militia. The Embassy restaurant or canteen was damaged and burned. This is a very dangerous game by # PMF uncontrolled factions to galvanize the tense situation. It must stop. – Hoshyar Zebari (@HoshyarZebari)

January ,

Hoshyar Zebari, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, said that five rockets were fired on the embassy, ​​while US officials confirmed that three shots resulted in a direct hits.

Zebari said in a

tweet that the rocket attack was the fault of an “unruly militia.”

Iraqi Security Media Cell Cell reported five Katyusha rockets hit the US embassy compound in the Green Zone, a heavily fortified area housing government and foreign diplomatic missions.

At least one rocket hit a dining facility on the compound, a US official confirmed to

(Fox News) .

There were no reported fatalities but at least one person was reported as injured.

On Sunday evening eastern time, US jets were reported to be flying over Baghdad .

A spokesperson for the State Department told CNN that the US will now be calling on Iraq “to fulfill its obligations to protect our diplomatic facilities.”

State Department figures claim that since September there have been 90 attacks either by the Iranian government or militias backed by Tehran on US personnel based in Iraq.

Michael McCaul, the lead Republican on the House Foreign Affairs committee, said in a tweet: “I am closely monitoring reports of a rocket attack targeting the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

“Violent acts against our diplomatic facilities are simply unacceptable.

“We must ensure the safety of American diplomats, troops and other Americans in Iraq.”



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Adil Abdul Mahdi, the prime minister of Iraq, condemned the attack.

According to Mahdi, Iraqi forces have been ordered to “deploy, search, and investigate to prevent the recurrence of such attacks, and to arrest those who launched these rockets so that they can be punished.”

The Prime Minister added that the government is “committed to protecting all diplomatic missions and taking all necessary measures to achieve this.”


Last month, protestors stormed the US embassy in Baghdad Credit: Reuters

In December’s attack, the ambassador and his staff were evacuated as the mob tried to smash their way into the main building Credit: Getty – Contributor

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