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Royal humiliation: Sussex Royal trademark blocked in horror blow to Meghan and Harry – Express,

Selling your good name comes at a price, says VIRGINIA BLACKBURN

Warning bells continue to peal at volume in the background about our own brave @SussexRoyal twosome.

Harry and Meghan want to make their own documentsaries for Netflix? Does Harry not remember that his Uncle Edward once tried something similar, forming a TV company which made endless documentaries about the Royal Family in the face of public and monarchical displeasure alike?

It was an endeavor that ended in ignominious failure when it turned out Uncle Eddie’s TV cameras were the only ones who were essentially stalking his nephew (and Harry’s older brother) William back when he was at St Andrews University. For that he was branded a “stupid little idiot” by an aide to none other than Prince Charles. What are Charles’s aides going to end up calling his younger son? READ MORE

If this goes through, Meghan and Harry face paying out a fortune to challenge the notice through the courts system.

Lee Curtis, a chartered trademark attorney and partner at specialist law firm HGF, said: “Filing a notice of threatened opposition is relatively easy and can be done online for free.

“The filing of a formal notice of opposition is much more involved.

” Right now, the threatened opposition delays the progress of the Sussex Royal application by at least one month, but if a formal opposition is ultimately mounted, this will involve the payment of an opposition fee, the drafting of formal grounds of opposition and the filing of evidence and legal submissions in support of the opposition.

“The whole opposition could take at least a year to get to a decision and is thus not an acti on entered into lightly with a possible costs award against the losing party. ”

A spokeswoman for the Intellectual Property Office added:“ We are unable to discuss specifics about trade mark applications while they are in progress. ”

It comes after Meghan and Harry were warned they must pay their own security bill or face a furious backlash from angry Canadians.

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