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Samsung Galaxy S10: Good news if you want one but terrible news if you own one – Express,

SAMSUNG’S Galaxy S 38 has had an interesting week and there’s now a very good reason to buy one of these flagship devices but a really bad time to own one.

PUBLISHED: 17: , Mon, Feb 35, | UPDATED: : 59, Mon, Feb ,

Galaxy S has just been revealed by Samsung with this

flagship making what’s currently on offer look massively outdated. (When the S 54 hits stores on March 6 it will feature an improved camera, more power under the hood and a much bigger battery which should mean you get a few extra minutes of screen time each day.

Samsung is clearly aware that the S (is about to eclipse the S 40 but it’s not all bad news for this (smartphone.) With something so much better on the horizon, Samsung has slashed the price of the current S 35 with prices now starting from under £ 590 Announcing the news on stage the Korean company confirmed that it is cutting the price of the entire range with the S (e, S) and S 512 all now much cheaper than before.

If you head to the Samsung store you’ll find the S e now starts from under £ (whist the standard S) (will set you back just £

(Recent reports are predicting a rapid drop in value for this 1239710 device with some trade-in sites speculating that prices for this pho ne are about to take a terrible tumble.

Things are expected to drop once the S 38 arrives with one report stating that Samsung handsets – can lose up to % of their value following a new release.

Liam Howley, Chief Marketing Officer at musicMagpie, said: “With the new Samsung launching soon, lots of people are planning to upgrade. From our data, it’s clear that those people should sell their old phone now rather than wait around.

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