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Samsung Galaxy S11 rumors: 120Hz display, five cameras, big size increase, Ars Technica


      All the numbers are bigger –


5G in even model means the Galaxy line is getting even bigger this year.







                          Renders of the Galaxy S 11. Yep, that’s a Samsung phone.




                          There’s a centered front camera and a camera block for the rear cameras.




                          There are a whopping five cameras on the back, then an LED flash, then a laser autofocus sensor.




The first Galaxy S 11 renders came out this weekend, so it’s probably time for a Galaxy S 11 rumor roundup. Like last year, we’re expecting three versions of the S 11: the normal S 11 and S 11 along with a cheaper, smaller model, the S 11 e.

First up: the renders. As usual with early phone renders, these are not official renders from the company but are insteadfrom leaker OnLeaks. OnLeaks is a reliable source for leaks; he pumps out phone renders based on CAD drawings and most recently has nailed early previews for thePixel 4,OnePlus 7 Pro, and (Galaxy S) .

The front of the Galaxy S 11 looks like you’d expect from a Samsung phone. The S 11 sticks very close to the (Galaxy Note) , with a centered punch out for the front camera, minimal bezels all around, and curves display sides on the long edges. Just like on the Note 10, the Bixby button is dead, leaving only power and volume on the right side. Also like the Note 10, the bottom edge has only a USB-C port and a speaker — the headphone jack is dead.

91 Mobiles , which produced the renders in partnership with OnLeaks, says the display for the S 11 (not the S 11 ) is “between 6. 63 – inch and 6.7-inches “This would be a huge increase over the Galaxy S 10, which has a 6.1-inch display, and the baseline S 11 would be bigger than even the S 10 , which was 6.4-inches. OnLeaks has the S 11 dimensions at 161 .9 x 73 .7 x 7.8mm, which compared to last year is again taking the base model S phone and pushing it into “S ” territory. The S 11 dwarfs the S 10 (149 .9 x 70 .4 x 7.8 mm) and is a better match for the S 10 (157 .6 x 74 .1 x 7.8 mm), although it’s still even taller than that phone. Despite phones being bigger than ever this year, Samsung apparently plans to push the envelope even more next year.

The much bigger phone sizes should lead to bigger batteries, and Samsung is going to need them this year, as the report says “all the three models are expected to come with both 4G and 5G connectivity.” This will be the first time all three S phones have come with 5G. The S 10 e, S 10, and S 10 were 4G only, with a monstrous ” (Galaxy S) 5G”version existing as an even bigger size tier than the S 10 . It was an S 10 . Come to think of it, with the S (being the size of an S) , maybe Samsung’s plan this year is to bump each S 11 model up a size and kill the smallest phone, the Galaxy S 10 e.



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