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                                 Sana Muhammad                         
Image caption                                    Sana Muhammad, formerly known as Devi Unmathallegadoo, was nine months pregnant when she was killed                             

A man who shot dead his heavily pregnant ex-wife with a crossbow has been found

Sana Muhammad was shot through the abdomen by Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo at her home in Ilford, east London, on (November) .

He hid in a shed in his ex-partner’s garden armed with two crossbows, bolts, a knife, duct tape, cable ties and a hammer, the Old Bailey heard.

Mrs Muhammad’s son survived after being delivered by Caesarean section.

The court heard the couple’s relationship ended in 2012 after an incident which led to her jumping out of an upstairs window.

At a trial in 2013, a judge directed jurors to acquit Unmathallegadoo of attempted strangulation.

The mother-of-five then successfully fil ed for an emergency non-molestation order which barred the defendant from coming within 100 meters of the family home.

The order was still in place at the time of her attack.

                                                                                                      Image copyright                 Met Police                                                      
Image caption                                    Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo murdered his pregnant ex-wife with a crossbow                             

Jurors heard Unmathallegadoo plotted the attack – buying two crossbows which were discovered near his ex- wife’s home by a neighbor in March 2018.

After they were removed, he replaced the weapons and organized surveillance on the house in Applegarth Drive.

‘She just screamed’

Mrs Muhammad’s second husband Imtiaz told the court he was in the garden and thought he was “dreaming” when he saw the defendant step out of the shed with two crossbows.

He shouted to his wife to run as Unmathallegadoo chased him into their home.

“When she got an arrow she just screamed. I was thinking, ‘what is happening?’, I was screaming for her. “

Mr Muhammad said the defendant had a second crossbow on his shoulder and he thought:” The second one might be for me. “

                                                                                                      Image copyright                 Met Police                                                      
Image caption                                    One of two crossbows used to kill Sana Muhammad                             

Unmathallegadoo later claimed Mr Muhammad was his target but that his ex-wife got in the way.

The court heard Unmathallegadoo’s children tried to take the crossbow away from him.

Unmathallegadoo, who denied murder, claimed he went to the house to talk to Mr Muhammad about his daughter’s religion and said he had bought the weapons for a hunting holiday.

But the prosecution said Unmathallegadoo had planned to kill the couple and their unborn child.

Susan Krikler, from the CPS, said: “This was a cold-blooded and calculated execution.

“This devastating attack has left six children without their mother.”

                                                                                                      Image copyright                 Met Police / PA                                                      
Image caption                                    Mrs Muhammad married the defendant when she was 16 -years-old                             

A trial in April was discharged after a juror raised an issue about the state of the defendant’s mental health despite the judge asking the jury not to speculate on the matter.


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