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Scott Aaronson: Quantum Computing | AI Podcast # 72 with Lex Fridman, Hacker News

Scott Aaronson: Quantum Computing | AI Podcast # 72 with Lex Fridman, Hacker News

Scott Aaronson is a professor at UT Austin, director of its Quantum Information Center, and previously a professor at MIT. His research interests center around the capabilities and limits of quantum computers and computational complexity theory more generally. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast.

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– Introduction
5: – Role of Philosophy in Science
: 30 – What is a quantum computer?
: – Quantum decoherence (noise in quantum information). )
: 29 – Quantum computer engineering challenges
56: – Moore’s Law
: – Quantum supremacy
1: 18: – Using quantum computers to break cryptography
(1:) : – Practical application of quantum computers

Quantum machine learning, questinable claims, and cautious optimism
1: 33: – Meaning of life

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