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) Seinfeld and its properties are not affiliated with us in any way.

Hello, the internet. We are Jacob Janerka (who made Paradigm, played by the likes of PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye) and Ivan Dixon (who directed the animated clip for Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer” and pixel intros for The Simpsons, Adventure Time and Rick & Morty), and we would like to pitch to you a game about nothing, set in the Seinfeld-verse.

You may be thinking, “You idiots, why would you make a game based on a sitcom that last aired over years ago and potentially incur the wrath of lawyers like Reddit user Dingdongs warning you about? ” But yes, OK, actual lawyers also warned us to not touch it. (Although some of you may also suggest it’s worth us taking the risk of huge financial debt as long as you get to play the game.)

Turns out Seinfeld is actually still an incredibly relevant show whose relatability is timeless, with the show’s streaming rights bought by Netflix recently for half a billion dollars.

We want to do this the official way. However, we believe that pitching to the internet will show the demand for such a game, which will provide a better chance of this becoming a thing than us just sending a cold email. We want our email to be warm, if that makes any sense.


What do you think?

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