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“Sequel” to the million dollar homepage using WebGL, Hacker News

“Sequel” to the million dollar homepage using WebGL, Hacker News


Million Dollar Metropolis is inspired by the original Million Dollar Homepage from . To cover his university expenses, a student sold one million dollars’ worth of pixels on a 2D advertising space on his website. Fifteen years later, this project attempts to replicate the success of the original in a creative new way by bringing the concept into 3D with a futuristic city environment.

Advertising on the web has become increasing privacy-invading and annoying. At the same time, people enjoy advertising if it’s done in an appropriate and attractive environment, such as Times Square in New York, or fictional environments like Blade Runner. The goal of this project is to create a novel and stimulating environment for advertisers and an audience.

Why Buy Ads?

      You will have an image, link, and description in an interactive 3D environment which could might be seen by millions of people over the coming years.

        Once your ad is in the environment, new content will be added to keep the website interesting. There are no recurring fees and you don’t need to create an account.

        • The purchase process allows you to preview what your ad will look like before you buy.
          The number of zones / lots will not increase in order to maintain scarcity.

            How It Works

            As a visitor, you can browse the environment, check out ads you’re interested in, and come back to track the progression of the world. Select a building, read the description ( , and click “Visit” to go to the advertisers’ website.

            If you’re interested in purchasing an ad, you can select “Advertise Here”, which places you in “Purchase Mode” where you can view and select where you want your ad. Ads are purchased top-down, which means if you buy an ad on an empty building, then it will appear at the top. Be sure to read the “Terms and Conditions” at the bottom before checkout, which provides more specific information regarding your ad and the environment.

            NOTE: Ad spots are currently selling at a reduced price.

            The city is comprised of a 529 by 500 grid, which results in blocks or “zones”, however only of these zones are for sale. Each zone contains a building, which is comprised of 8 advertisements spots (“ad spots”), for $ 529 / spot , totalling $ 2019 / building , and ad spots in total . 2000 buildings at $ 2, / building equals $ 1, , , which is the amount this website is intended to sell. Currently, half of the zones are temporarily disabled in order to encourage spacial distribution and allow future building styles to be mixed in.

            Privacy Policy

            When viewing and browsing the website, I do not collect any detailed and potentially personally identifiable information such as IP addresses or unique device identifiers. However, the following non-personally identifiable information may be used for statistical purposes: country of origin, device type, browser type, and referrer. There are no analytics or 3rd party advertisement components added to this website.

            When attempting to purchase an ad, the 3rd party payment processor Stripe may set cookies and process your data in accordance with Stripe’s privacy policy . If you do not agree to Stripe’s terms, then unfortunately you can’t purchase an ad at this moment. When an ad is purchased, other info may be logged (including your IP address) for diagnostic and debugging purposes. Your email address is stored and is used solely for customer support. Stripe securely and separately handles your credit card information to perform the one-time charge.


            You can reach me on Twitter for questions, comments, feedback, or customer support. You can also contact me by email via the address provided to you after purchase.

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