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shit: An implementation of Git using (almost) entirely POSIX shell, Hacker News




shit==Shell Git

This is an implementation of Git using (almost) entirely POSIX shell.


  • There are a couple of GNU coreutilsisms, which are marked with XXX: GNUism throughout. They have been tested on BusyBox as well.
  • A native zlib implementation is required: zlib
  • Why the fuck would you use this


Enough plumbing commands are written to make this write the initial commit with itself, which is how the initial commit was written. Huzzah.

            How to use          Don’t

    1. Okay, fine. Because only plumbing commands are implemented, you have to live with a garbage manual process. Do something like this:

        git clone https: / /git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/shit mkdir my-project cd my-project ../shit/init # Write some code


        So we'll assume shit is at

      ../ shit .

      To create a new index from all of your files (note, subdirectories aren’t working yet):

          ../ shit / update-index


          Then to create a tree object from these:

              ../ shit / write-tree | ./hash-object -t tree -w

              This will print the tree ID to stdout. Use that to make a commit:

                export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="Your Name " export GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL="you@example.org" ../shit/commit-tree  | ./hash-object -t commit -w 

              This will print out the new commit's SHA. To update master to point to this new commit:


              > .git / refs / heads / master



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