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Show HN: Nonprofit Open-Source Food Delivery and Local Shopping Platform, Hacker News



Features and Highlights


Open-Source and Developer Friendly


                        Nearby Shops comes with a comprehensive developer documentation that makes it simple and easy to customize, install your app and maintain your technical infrastructure.                     

Mobile first and Multi-vendor


                        Nearby Shops comes with native android apps and is designed primarily for mobile.                         Its a multi-vendor platform where customers can send orders to multiple shops / restaurants.                     


Support for Multiple currencies


                        Nearby Shops has support for multiple currencies in the software.                     


Delivery Panel for Vendors & Delivery Staff


                        Delivery can be provided by your own delivery staff or it can also be provided by shop-owners and restaurants                         using their own delivery staff.                     

                        Nearby Shops has order tracking and inventory for home delivery where vendors and delivery staff can update order                         status and track the orders for delivery.                     


                        Third Party Integrations


                        Integrations for Sending SMS-OTP, E-mail and Push Notifications, Maps and Payment Gateway are available                     


Order Tracking with Live Status Updates


                        Order Tracking with live status updates for customers using E-mail, SMS and Push Notifications are available.                     


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