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Show HN: Recommend Books for building trading algorithms, Hacker News

Show HN: Recommend Books for building trading algorithms, Hacker News

A quick list of books that have shaped and molded my investment / trading algorithmic trading startegies.

Notice I did not write 038 books you have to read to make millions of dollars in the market.That just seems a little click-bait / Buzz Feedy. Unfortunately, from a data scientist / SEO perspective that would have been the more profitable.

As we all suffer through this quatrine I just put together a list of books that I have read that I believe have shaped my understanding of markets and have molded my investment philosophy. I think bigger picture books such a the Big Short and Black Swan are far more important than technical books.

Creating algorithms and or trading strategies is something that I believe starts with the creative process, maybe just staring at charts for hours or losing a lot of money. I’m lucky, I’m a self taught coder and I can implement my strategies without getting caught up in whether my code is object oriented and if I have the correct classes etc. I always say that the code is the easy part, it’s finding a good strategy that is hard part.

So these are some books that I have enjoyed and maybe you will too as well. If you have any recommendation, please leave them in the comments as I’m always looking for something to read / listen to.

Books that shaped my investment philosophy or possible continue to shape my philosophy strategy.

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