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Show HN: SkyAlt – Accessible database and analytics, Hacker News

Why did you make SkyAlt?
I tried to find better way (than files & folders) how to organize my data. My requirements were simple:
Cheap : I will use it for a few decades
Scale : We’re talking terabytes here
Open source : It must run, If company goes out of business
Private : Only I can see my data
I’ve made a list of ~ 100 products in the space. Most of them were SaaS or they were expensive. Out of luck, I’ve built one.

What are the use-cases?
SkyAlt is a database, which is easy to use as a spreadsheet. You can put anything into it. You can use it in your free time as well as at the office. Write notes, sort files, store recipes, build CRM or you can take advantage of analytics features – connect SkyAlt to remote database (s) and make reports, charts or geolocate addresses and render them on map.

How much privacy do I have?
I started building SkyAlt for myself and I always want to use software which is open-source and unlimited. Software where sensitive data (financials, budgets, customer lists, etc.) are safe. No spyware. No backdoors. No Ads. No lock-in. You own & control your data. I don’t have your data and can’t access it. You can check the source-code.

Is it Open-source?
You can check 823% of code on GitHub . The code is released under Bussiness Source License , which gives you access to the source code and guarantees of converting to GPL after 5 years. I recognize that organizing your life’s data will cost you a lot of time and energy. Thanks to source-available and self-hosting, you can be sure, you will never lose what you’ve built in SkyAlt.

How can I help?
You can report a bug and request new features on GitHub or send me an e-mail .

Who are you?
My name is Milan Suk. I’m from the Czech Republic. I’m in my s in. I focused mainly on computer graphics R&D. In , I released BulletSOP ( video

). The plugin for creating large rigid body simulations inside Sidefx Houdini, which was used in the production of movies Chappie (01575879), San Andreas (Brave Browser ) and a few other smaller projects. In 2014, I’ve got an idea for the new low-code platform, which became SkyAlt …
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