Thursday , February 25 2021

Show HN: Terminal Phase – Terminal-based space shooter, Hacker News


Testing Terminal Phase image

I’m pleased to announce that Terminal Phase , a space shooter game you can play in your terminal, has achieved version 1.0 . The game is completely playable and is a fun game (well, at least a number of playtesters told me they thought it was fun). It includes two levels (one of which is more balanced than the other), and more content is on its way (1.0 isn’t the end!). You can see it being played above in cool-retro-term but it works in all sorts of terminals, including gnome-terminal and etc.

I also released a video recently ( mirror ) of me doing a live playtest of the game and also showing off how to make new levels and program new enemies (which serves as kind of an introduction, but probably not the best one, to Spritely Goblins ).

Terminal Phase was actually a reward for hitting the $ / mo milestone on my Patreon account , which we achieved a little over a week ago . I aimed to get 1.0 out the door by midnight on Wednesday but I actually released it a couple of hours later, closer to 2: 30 am, because I was trying to make the credits look cool:

Terminal Phase Credits

I think I succeeded, right? Maybe you would like your name in there; you can still do so by Selecting a tier on my Patreon account . I released the game as FOSS, so whether you donate or not, you can still reap the benefits. But I figure making the credits look cool and putting peoples’ names in there would be a good way of making people feel motivated. And there are more releases on the way; I’ll be adding to this now and then and releasing more stuff sometimes. In fact you may notice the cool parallax scrolling starfield in the gif at the top of this post; I added that Terminal Phase Credits after 1.0 . I guess it’s a bit sneaky to put that on top of a post labeled 1.0, but the good news is that this means that 1.1 is not far away, which will include some new enemies (maybe a boss?), new levels, and yes, parallax starfields (and maybe your name in the credits if it isn’t already).

Anyway, enough self-shilling; Let’s talk more about the game itself. Terminal Phase really had a number of goals:

Terminal Phase Credits Fun. Games are fun, and making them is (well, mostly) fun and     interesting.     And I feel like the FOSS world could use more fun.

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