Sony's PS5 'Reveal' Is Over – And Boy, Was It a Disaster, Crypto Coins News

Sony's PS5 'Reveal' Is Over – And Boy, Was It a Disaster, Crypto Coins News
  • Today’s PS5 “reveal” event turned out to be a – minute lecture aimed at developers.
  • The sleep- inducing presentation appears to have been initially scheduled for GDC 2020 before the event was canceled.
  • Not only did Mark Cerny drone on for minutes about the same three things, but we still did not learn anything about the PS5’s “killer features.”

Well, that was disappointing. After months of waiting for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) reveal, Sony delivered one of the most boring and utterly pointless events imaginable.

Mark Cerny basically got up on stage and gave a talk aimed solely at game developers. That would have been fine at GDC, where he planned to present it. But Sony talked today’s event up as a gamer-focused PS5 unveiling.

So hundreds of thousands of people tuned in, expecting to finally get some information about the console. Instead, all we got was a bunch of pointless tech speak.

Well done, Sony. You punked us.

This probably isn’t the reaction PlayStation was hoping for. | Source: YouTube We Still Know Nearly Nothing Important About the PS5

Virtually nothing from the PS5 presentation was the least bit interesting unless you’re a game developer.

Okay, we “learned” that the PS5 will be faster and more powerful than the PS4, but that wasn’t really a question.

And it seems like we might

have heard that the PS5 is less powerful than the Series X – ~ 18. 3 teraflops compared to the that Xbox’s console boasts. That’s a hilarious own-goal on Sony’s part.

Worse than that, We learned nothing about these “key features” that developers have been promising would blow our minds . Instead, Cerny managed to drone on for (minutes but only deliver about

minutes’ worth of information.

You can watch it all here (if you’re a glutton for punishment):

728, (Gamers Tuned in for a Whole Lot of Nothing

I don’t blame Sony for streaming this PS5 lecture. They’d already planned it for GDC, so it makes sense to deliver it anyway. But they should have been more clear about what we would be getting.

Fans been so starved for details about the PS5 that of course they were going to go rabid about anything that looked remotely like a console reveal. And Sony did nothing to manage expectations .

Approximately , people tuned in to an insanely boring talk about developer-focused features.

If we’re lucky, the backlash from this might actually cause Sony to reveal something about the PS5. But don’t count on it.

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