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Spanish election: deadlock remains as center left tops poll and far right surges – live updates – The Guardian,

Pedro Sanchez tells PSOE supporters the party has won a clear victory and assures those urging him not to cooperate with the conservative People’s party that “this time, yes, we will have a progressive government”.

He called on all the country’s other parties to be “generous” in helping to break the gridlock, and promised the PSOE would be too. It might be easier said than done.

EL PAÍS(@ el_pais)

DIRECTO | Los militantes cambian el “con Rivera, no” por el “con Casado, no”. Y Pedro Sánchez responde que toma nota antes de prometer que, “esta vez sí o sí, vamos a tener un Gobierno progresista”# eleccionesgenerales (N) 85

November 10, 2019


The leading dailyEl Pais sums up the results of a votethat was meant to break the deadlock in which Spanish politics has found itself since the last one seven months ago:

A poll that was meant to unblock the political situation inSpainhas served only to complicate it, with losses for the left, a recovery for the PP and a huge boost for the far-right

Pablo Casado, leader of the center-right People’s party which made good much of the losses it suffered in April’s election, has also appeared before party supporters:


We have shown that we are strong, and that we will continue to serve the Spanish people. Sánchez has lost his gamble. We are going to see what propositions he puts forward, and then we will exercise our responsibility – this political gridlock inSpaincan no longer continue.

Albert Rivera, whose liberal Citizens party has lost 47 of its 57 deputies, says Spain had voted to “validate the PSOE’s victory.Spainwanted more Sanchez, but also more Vox – and less of the center. ”

EL PAÍS(@ el_pais)

TV en DIRECTO | Rivera comparece tras la debacle de Ciudadanos: “Los españoles han querido que el PSOE revalide la victoria. Los españoles han querido más Sánchez, pero también más Vox y menos centro”# eleccionesgenerales (N) Y

November 10, 2019

Rivera added that his future was in the hands of the party’s members:


What we got today was an unmitigated bad result – with no excuses. Given these bad results I believe that as leader it is my duty to call an urgent extraordinary meeting of the party executive.


So what coalitions might be theoretically possible to form a majority government in Spain’s seemingly intractably hung parliament? El Pais columnist Jorge Galindo lists some of the options here – while noting that they may be mathematically feasible, but politically, probably not so much …

Jorge Galindo(@ JorgeGalindo)

Después del# 10 N, ¿qué sumas son posibles en el Congreso de los Diputados? Aquí van algunas aritméticamente viables, a cual más complicada de lograr polí

(November) , 2019

Center left wins, far right surges – but Spain’s politics remain deadlocked

With more than 99% of votes now counted, the center-left PSOE party of prime minister Petro Sánchez remains Spain’s largest party after the country fourth general election in as many years – but his left bloc has fallen well short of the 176 seats needed for a majority in parliament.

Despite the far-right, anti-immigration Vox party more than doubling its previous score and the conservative People’s party making sizeable gains, the right, too, was left without enough seats to form a government after the liberal Citizens party was all but wiped out.

Having been ruled since April’s inconclusive poll by Sánchez’s caretaker administration, which failed to forge a coalition with either Citizens or the anti-austerity Podemos, the country now faces many more weeks – or months – of political deadlock and uncertainty.

The major national parties ’final scores, compared with their tallies in April’s elections, were as follows:

Left (Seats)

PSOE: (down 3)

Podemos: 35 (down 7)Mas Pais: 2

Right 149 Seats

PP: 87 (up 21)

Vox: 52 (up 28)

Citizens: () down 47)


The far-right Vox party’s leader, Santiago Abascal, is currently addressing crowds of supporters after its leap from 24 parliamentary seats to 52, making it the country’s third largest party.

“Let’s go get them!” The party’s supporters roar, as Abascal put its performance down to the fact it had “led a cultural and political change by opening up all the forbidden debates and told the left that the story isn’t over yet. ”

Abascal added: “They don’t have any moral superiority, and we have the same right to defend our ideas without being stigmatized and insulted as we still are by the media.”

Updated (at 5.) PM EST

Not to be outdone, Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s far-right League party, has also congratulated Vox, adding:


I bet the headlines are already ready – “extreme right-wing victory, racists, sovereignists, fascists …” Not at all racism and fascism, in Italy as inSpainwe just want to live peacefully in our own home.

Matteo Salvini(@ matteosalvinimi)

Grande avanzata degli amici di@vox_es, scommetto già pronti titoli di tg e giornali su “vittoria estrema destra, razzisti, sovranisti, fascisti …”.
Macché razzismo e fascismo, in Italia come in Spagna vogliamo solo vivere tranquilli in casa nostra.# portichiusi🇮🇹 ***# 10

(November) , 2019

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far right National Rally, has congratulated Vox and its leader Santiago Abascal for the party’s “spectacular advance”:

Marine Le Pen(@ MLP_officiel)

Le mouvement@ vox_esréalise ce soir une progression fulgurante à l’occasion des élections législatives en# Espagne.

Bravo à son dirigeant@ Santi_ABASCALpour son impressionnant travail d’opposition, qui porte déjà ses fruits après seulement quelques années!

(November) , 2019

Since its return to democracy in 1975, Spain had been considered immune to the advance of the populist, anti-immigrant and far-right parties that have seen such electoral success in much of continentalEurope.

Respected El Pais columnist Jorge Galindo says that era has now come to an end: the 10 November elections “confirm the end of the Spanish exception in Europe: the Vox vote is already similar to that of the far right in Austria or the Netherlands”, he says .

Jorge Galindo(@ JorgeGalindo)

Hoy,# 10 N, se confirma el final de la exce pción española en Europa: el voto de Vox ya es similar al de la extrema derecha en Austria o Países

(November) , 2019


More than half votes counted

With more than 50% of votes counted, it looks like a pretty good night for the center-left PSOE; a very good one for the center right PP; a spectacular one for the far-right Vox; a disappointing one for the anti-austerity Podemos and a truly dreadful one for the liberal Citizens.

But above all, nether left the left nor the right bloc are anywhere near an absolute majority in the 350 -seat parliament.Guardian is now running live result updates which you can follow here.


Here’sSpainand Latin America specialist Michael Reid of the Economist with his view of the results so far:

Michael Reid(@ michaelreid 52)

Spain: with 35% of the vote counted Socialists similar result to April, collapse of Cuidadanos (down 47 seats), rise of far-right Vox (up 23); Podemos down 8; gains for radical Catalan and Basque nationalists. Albert Rivera, Cs leader built a party and then destroyed it

(November) , 2019


Results are now starting to come in – andSpain counts votes fast …

With nearly 23% of votes counted, the parties’ scores and seats in The 350 – seat parliament look like this:

PSOE (center left) 2%: 121 Seats

PP (conservative) 4%: 81 Seats

VOX (far right) 6%: 46 Seats

Podemos (anti-austerity) 12 .4%: 32 Seats

Citizens (liberal) 35 .6%: 10 Seats

Mas Pais (breakaway left) 1. (6) %: three seats


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