Storm Dennis LIVE: Huge storm to smash UK with deadly winds – updates, maps and warnings –,

Storm Dennis LIVE: Huge storm to smash UK with deadly winds – updates, maps and warnings –,

Storm Dennis will bring powerful winds over the weekend and disruption to travel is likely across parts of England and Wales. The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for both rain and wind as the churning uproar could bring flooding, power cuts and “danger to life” conditions.

Key points

  • Flooding is likely and could cause damage to some buildings
      Fast flowing or deep floodwater is likely, causing danger to life
  • Delays and cancellations to train and bus services are likely as well as difficult driving conditions and some road closures
  • A good chance some communities could be cut off by flooded roads
  • Power cuts and loss of other services to some homes and businesses likely
  • Some coastal routes, sea fronts and coastal communities will likely be affected by spray and large waves

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        Storm Dennis LIVE tracker: The UK will be battered with strong winds and heavy rain this weekend (Image: GETTY / MET OFFICE)

            Storm Dennis Live tracker: The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings this weekend (Image: MET OFFICE)

            9. : PM: RAC advice for drivers

            Storm Dennis is likely to cause treacherous driving conditions and the RAC has issued advice for motorists.

            ) Ben Aldous, the RAC’s patrol of the year, said: “After so much wind and rain last weekend, drivers will again have to contend with some pretty dreadful conditions on the road with the arrival of Storm Dennis.

            “With transport disruption likely, drivers should expect their journeys to take longer than usual and should stay up to date with the latest traffic and travel information, as the conditions could change quickly.

            “It’s essential motorists never attempt to drive through deep floodwater. Those that do are not just risking damage to their vehicles but risking their lives and those of their passengers. “

            8. pm: Could Storm Dennis close London airports?

            Storm Ciara caused flights to be delayed or cancelled at London airports Gatwick and Heathrow, and this might happen again this weekend.

            Heathrow is covered by yellow warnings for wind and rain this weekend, while Gatwick sits Under an amber warning on Sunday.

            In a statement, British Airways said it recognized the uncertainty of the expected bad weather and have “introduced flexible rebooking options for customers booked on short-haul flights in or out of Heathrow, Gatwick or London City airports on Saturday “.

            A spokesman for Gatwick Airport said they were working closely With their allies but there were no measures in place to deal with the effects of the storm as of yet and that the airport would wait for the latest forecasts before taking any necessary action.

            A spokesman for the Stansted told would run as normal, but was mindful of the Met Office warnings, and recommended travellers keep a close eye on their upcoming flights in case of any changes. Any changes will come up on the airport’s official flight information page.

            8 . (pm: How will Dennis compare to previous storms?

            As we reported earlier (5.

            (pm), Storm Dennis could be worse than Last week’s Storm Ciara.

            Wind gusts during Storm Ciara were clocked at 153 mph.

            The image below shows some of the most devastating storms to ever hit Britain.

    Storm Dennis Live Tracker: Britain’s Worst Storms ((Image: Express)

    7. pm update: Gusts up to 97 mph possible

    Storm Dennis could bring between (to (mm of rainfall and gusts of up to mph to some areas of the UK this weekend , the Met Office said.

    The Met Office said the already saturated ground could increase the risk of flooding.

    Chief meteorologist Steve Willington said: “With Storm Dennis bringing further heavy and persistent rain over the weekend, there is a risk of significant impacts from flooding, including damage to property and a danger to life from fast-flowing floodwater. “

    (7.) (pm update: Latest map from WX Charts

    The map below shows the UK at 3pm on Saturday.

    Storm Dennis will first make landfall first with Northern Ireland before 9am, then Wales shortly after.

    By the afternoon, the whole of the UK will be feeling the high winds and heavy rain of Storm Dennis.

    Storm Dennis LIVE tracker

    Storm Dennis Live tracker: The UK weather map at 3pm on Saturday (Image: WX Charts)

    6. 52 pm update: What to expect from Storm Dennis tomorrow

        Homes and businesses are likely to be flooded, causing damage to some buildings

      • Fast flowing or deep floodwater is likely, causing danger to life
      • Delays and some cancellations to train and bus services are likely
      • Spray and flooding probably leading to difficult driving conditions and some road closures

          A good chance some communities cut off by flooded roads

        • Power cuts and loss of other services to some homes and businesses likely

            5. 45 pm update: Storm Dennis could be worse than Ciara

            An expert has warned Storm Dennis could be worse than Ciara.

            John Curtin, the Environment Agency’s executive director of flood and coastal risk management, said Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire were the areas he was now most “concerned” about .

            He said: “This one [storm] could be a step up from what we have seen before.

            “We had a big storm last weekend, [we now have] saturated catchments, snowmelt and rainfall – so it is a perfect storm.”

            4. (PM update: UK storm names / /

            Storm Dennis is the fourth named storm of the 1241617 / Atlantic storm season.

            Atiyah , Brendan, Ciara, Dennis, Ellen, Francis, Gerda, Hugh, Iris, Jan, Kitty,

              Liam, Maura, Noah, Olivia, Piet, Roisin, Samir, Tara, Vince, Willow

    (The) (/ 33 storm names for the UK and Ireland (Image: EXPRESS)


    3. 45 pm update: Storm Dennis could become record-breaker

    BBC weather has said Storm Dennis could become “one of the deepest Atlantic low pressure systems in modern records”.

    Storm Dennis is, according to BBC weather, about the undergo a period of “explosive cyclogenesis”.

    In addition, the central pressure is forecast to drop 52 to 90 mb in hours to around 1241617 mb – the record is (mb.)

      Storm Dennis LIVE tracker

          Storm Dennis Live Tracker: The BBC has said Dennis could become one of the deepest Atlantic low pressure systems (Image: BBC)

          3. pm update: Today’s weather warnings

          The Met Office has warned rain and snow melt across southern Scotland may lead to some travel disruption on Friday.

          The agency has issued a yellow warning which will stay in effect until 5pm.

          The warning area covers South West S cotland, Lothian Borders and Strathclyde.

          The Met Office said: “A band of rain will move east across southern Scotland during Friday.

          “Accumulations of mm are likely across high ground, and in combination with a thaw of lying snow may lead to some local flooding. ”

    Storm Dennis Live tracker: The warning for rain is in effect until 5pm on Friday, the Met Office said (Image: MET OFFICE)

    Storm names 2020

    Storm Dennis Live tracker: The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for rain on Friday (Image: MET OFFICE)

    2. pm update: Fans worry Premier League games could be postponed

    A host of sporting events were cancelled because of Storm Ciara last week, including the Premier League clash between Manchester City and West Ham.

    Norwich are scheduled to host Liverpool at Carrow Road on Saturday at 5. PM GMT.

    The Met Office has issued a yellow weathe r warning and says Storm Dennis will bring “heavy rain and widespread strong winds to many parts of the UK”.

    As it stands, Norwich vs Liverpool is scheduled to go ahead as planned.

    Fans, though, have taken to social media to express concerns the match could be cancelled.

    One wrote on Twitter: “Surprised it’s not been suggested yet but surely there is a massive doubt as to whether Norwich v Liverpool will go ahead on Sat night?

    “Storm Dennis set to be sweeping across at that time. Warnings in place, 54 MPH winds etc… ”

    Read more about the possibility of Premier League games being postponed due to Storm Dennis .

    Storm Dennis LIVE tracker Met Office Storm Dennis could force Premier League games to be rearranged (Image: GETTY)

    (2.) pm update: Orwell Bridge to shut

    Highways England has said the A 20 Orwell Bridge will close on Saturday and Sunday.

    Highways England tweeted: “A Orwell Bridge – Weekend Update The winds are expected to break our thresholds at 3pm Saturday, February. will be closed by 3pm Saturday, 17 February. We will monitor the wind speeds and close it as necessary.

    They added: “The bridge will remain closed until approximately 7am Sunday, 24 February when wind speeds will decrease to below threshold levels.

    “We will keep you informed of any further updates and changes to the closure / opening times as we receive further forecast updates. ”

    1. PM update: A warning to dog walkers

    Experts have warned dog walkers of the dangers salt can have on their pets.

    The crystals can irritate the pooch’s paws, and also lead to excessive salt consumption if the dog licks itself clear.

    Dr Karlien Heyrman, Head of Pets at Pets at Home, said:Regardless of the weather, dogs do need to be walked regularly, but there are hidden dangers associated with the bitter weather and grit salt in particular, that we want owners to be aware of.

    “We urge dog owners to keep an eye on the weather in their area and plan your dog walks around it and keep your dog on a lead at all times.

    “It might be better to take two or three shorter walks to avoid being out in the wet weather for a prolonged period of time.”

    pm update : Parks in London closing because of Storm Dennis

    Parks in London will be closed this weekend as Storm Dennis hits the capital.

    Hampstead Heath – one of London’s most popular open spaces – have announced they will shut the gates of the 393 hectares park on Saturday and Sunday.

    On Twitter a message from Hampstead Heath officials read: “This weekend due to #StormDennis and predicted wind gusts of over 70 mph from Sat afternoon into Sun, the Hill Garden and Highgate Wood will be closed all day tomorrow, reopening on Sunday when the wind has died down. “

    Various sporting events are being called off across the country due to Storm Dennis this weekend.

    Wellingborough RFC has said all rugby at the club will be cancelled this weekend due to Dennis.

    There are currently no word on the professional fixtures such as the Premier League and the Championship.

    However, racecourses – including Ascot – are going to need inspection after last weeks downpours.

    Storm Dennis LIVE tracker: Wellingborough RFC has canceled all rugby games this weekend (Image: TWITTER: Wellingborough RFC)

      . am update: Regions and local authorites under amber warnings for rain

      . am update: Warnings area for wind warnings extended

      The Met Office has extended the warnings area for wind to include parts of northern England and northwest Wales.

      That means the regions now under a wind warning are:

    • Central, Tayside and Fife
    • (East Midlands)