Strictly Come Dancing 2019: the semi-final – as it happened – The Guardian,

Strictly Come Dancing 2019: the semi-final – as it happened – The Guardian,

So that’s it for tonight’s semi-final dancing! Thank you for joining in – I’ll be back tomorrow night at 7. 20 PM to find out which three couples are going through to next week’s GRAND FINAL. My money’s on Chris and Karen leaving tomorrow, unless by some public voting insanity they can stay out of the bottom two. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, and I’ll see you then!

********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 17

Motsi thought it was technically excellent, and Shirley agrees although the lift wasn’t very good. Bruno thought it was perfectly pitched storytelling, but Craig agrees about the lift – however the dance itself was absolutely incredible. Clearly I need to watch that again.


****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (EST EST)

Ooh, a carboard bus! Well this should be entirely charming, but would be nice if Karim didn’t look like he’d just come from ballet class and wasn’t really in the mood for a Smooth. Technically good, but for a song like this it could be SO much more fun. Bit disappointed.

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(**************************************************************** (3) ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (pm) EST****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** :

Craig thought that was wrong dance, wrong day. Motsi liked the sensitivity but a bit more Rumba would have been nice. Shirley thought one step was executed very well, but it lacked body action. Bruno thought Chris gave great depth of feeling, even though it was technically lacking.

Chris had made it clear that this is not a sexy Rumba, which kind of defeats the purpose of a Rumba. He gets round this by not really dancing a Rumba at all – there’s no real hip action but he does tell a nice story that involves wandering off at the end.


It’s time for CHRIS AND KAREN! Their second dance is a Rumba to ‘Don’t Watch Me Cry’ by Jorja Smith. It’s reasonable to assume this will literally be a ‘semi rumba’, because a) it’s Chris and b) he’s only had a half a week. Of course he could absolutely smash this and surprise us all, I am prepared to entertain this possibility.

(********************************************************************************** 3. PMEST(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Scores: 9, (**********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************, 9,9 – a total of for Kelvin and Oti. Motsi doesn’t give a HOOT this evening.

(************************************************************************************** (3). ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** PMEST

Bruno thought Kelvin looked like the ultimate Paso action hero – parts of it had a sculptural beauty but there were a couple of moments where Kelvin could have stretched it even further. Craig thought it was slightly measured and needed more extension, and Kelvin was out of time at the beginning, but otherwise impressive. Motsi loved how Kelvin kept the line tight, and Kelvin has Motsi’s respect. Shirley agrees there were some impressive moments but there were some bits off balance – all in all a great job.

(************************************************************************************** (2). ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (PM) ******** (EST)******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************:

Next up it’s KELVIN AND OTI! Their second dance is the Paso Doble to ‘Seven Nation Army’ by the White Stripes. I have extremely high hopes for this having all the drive, attitude and menace we look for in a Paso, plus bonus Oti.

Anton is crying. DRINK.

(************************************************************************************ 2 . (pm) EST**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** :

Journey – DRINK!

Scores: 8,9,9, – a total of for Emma and Anton. Sure.

****************************************************************************** (******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (Read More) ********************************************************************************************** ()

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