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Strictly Come Dancing 2019: week eight – as it happened – The Guardian,

Thanks all for joining in down below and being amazing as always – I’m off to read your comments and have a retrospective sip of wine for every one of the mentions of Blackpool – was anyone keeping count? I’ll be back tomorrow at 7. 20 pm for the results, so join me then! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday x

So that’s it for the dancing, and the voting is open! Saffron and AJ are at the top of the leaderboard, whilst Mike and Katya have sunk to the bottom. Lots of dances I loved this evening – loved Alex, Michelle, Saffron and Kelvin. Can’t see how Mike and Chris won’t be facing off in the dance off, either one of them could go home tomorrow and if I’m honest I don’t much care which.


Motsi loved the speed and body movement, and Shirley was impressed with the lifts, although there were a couple of timing issues. Bruno thought it was a Salsa in top gear, and Kelvin’s hips were turbo charged. Craig couldn’t really enjoy it because Motsi was screeching all the way through, but it was ‘hiptastic’.

This has a motor racing theme, because Kelvin is an actual racing car driver. But never mind that, look at Kelvin’s HIPS. They’re more fluid than my nan’s custard, and quite hypnotic to watch. He also has nice bounce, but between Kelvin’s hip action and Oti’s splits it’s quite hard to take it all in. A bit scrappy in places, but I definitely want an invitation to Kelvin’s lovin ’one man show.

And finally tonight it’s KELVIN AND OTI! This week they’re dancing the Salsa to ‘Let’s Hear It For the Boy’ by Deniece Williams, one of my absolute favorite songs of the 1980 s. However I can strongly recommend not attempting to sing it at karaoke; it’s surprisingly high and just gets higher, until only dogs can hear you.

Scores: 9, 10, 10, 10 – a total of 39 for Saffron and AJ. So much screaming.

Craig calls AJ a clever cherub – that was absolutely gawjus. Motsi thought it was the best dance she’s seen on her first Strictly. Shirley thought they made it look easy, whilst Bruno was swept away – it was a dance of the highest quality. Four tens, anyone?

Saffron appears to have embraced the poppy theme with gusto, although on a flesh-colored dress it looks a bit like a nasty rash. This is, however, rather a charming Waltz, with nice flow and lovely rise and fall from Saffron. Her frame goes a bit awry towards the end, but generally quite lovely – easily my favorite dance of theirs.

Saffron and AJ
Saffron and AJ Photograph: Guy Levy / PA

Updated (at 3.) pm EST

Who’s next? It’s SAFFRON AND AJ! This week they’re dancing the Waltz to another insipid cover – this time Ellie Goulding’s John Lewis version of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’.

I really want to love this partnership more, but I find myself unmoved. I’m sure they’re both lovely people, but there’s no chemistry for me – it’s like watching two plastic dolls bumping into one another. I need more of a connection and a bit more fire.

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