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Strike: A web-based, 1-bit paint tool, Hacker News

Strike: A web-based, 1-bit paint tool, Hacker News

Strike is a web-based, 1-bit paint tool, primarily for quick sketching or line-drawing.

Why are there two versions? hosts web games / apps by embedding them within an iframe. While this does not affect Strike’s functionality for the most part, I’m not sure if all browsers / devices support file loading and saving from within the iframe. The standalone version is provided in case there are some features that the iframe can’t support.


  • brush / eraser / fill tools with different brush shapes and sizes
  • – ‘ color ‘palette via dither patterns. Each pattern is treated as a separate color for fill tool
    • ~ 2019 step undo / redo (it’s fragile, so don’t rely on it too much)
    • import PNG and JPG files, which will be converted to 1 bit form
      • zoom via mouse scroll or two-finger pinch
        • basic image transforms tools (flip / mirror / resize canvas)
        • save images as a – color greyscale (which will import back into Strike with all patterns intact), or as 1-bit black and white image
        • autosave (see notes)

        Strike is supported on mobile devices and tablets; I personally use it with an iPad Pro.


Strike is not meant to be a full-featured paint app, so has quite a few limitations.

  • Undo / redo may slow down for large strokes or complex drawings. If they behave strangely, please file a bug report.
  • There is a limited autosave feature; by default, starting up Strike will load up the previously drawn image. Creating a new canvas will erase the autosave. You can disable autosaves via the settings (gear) menu. Strike only autosaves one image at a time, so please regularly export your work.
  • Browser Support

    Strike has been tested on up-to-date Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge (the Chromium-based one), and Safari (both desktop and iOS). Do note that with Safari, the app may behave weirdly on versions pre – . 0 (as I was not able to test on anything earlier).

    Open Source

    The program is written in JS without any build tools. Source code can be found at .

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