Sultan Qaboos was the spirit of Oman, a much loved leader: Omanis in UAE react

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Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of Oman, the Arab world’s longest-serving ruler, was laid to rest on Saturday morning. He passed away late on Friday night.

The spirit of Oman

Abdullah Al-Zadjali, 42: “Since the time I was two years old I have been hearing the name of Sultan Qaboos in my house. He (Sultan Qaboos) is the spirit of Oman. A pioneer a leader par excellence. I had a chance meeting with him when I was a child. He had a great personality and the magnetism he had could not be ignored. He would travel around the country to meet people of different walks of life. A true leader he was. Today is a sad day for Omanis – not just living in Oman but outside too.”

Our spiritual leader

Suhail Iqbal Sultan, 29, works for an Omani-government owned company in Dubai.

“He was our spiritual leader and a pillar of stability. My earliest memory of him was on the 25th National Day of Oman. It was the I was mesmerized by his personality and charisma. He looked every part the leader.”

Equality for all

Mazin Muhammad Al Baloochi works as an operations manager for an Omani company.

“He is our father. He has been down to earth . He treated everyone around the world equally. Opportunities were dispersed all around the country with no discrimination whatsoever. No advantages were given to any section of the society or people from a particular region of Oman. Everyone in the country had access to the leader. He had an open door policy.

People from all over the Sultanate, leaders from across the region and from around the world, mourned the death of the ruler known for being the ‘the Sultan of loyalty, love, and wisdom’.”

Oman saw the light with the Sultan

Samar Sadiq Al Azawi, 42, is a housewife living in Dubai.

“Before 1970 Oman was in darkness. But when Sultan Qaboos became our Sultan, Oman saw the light. It turned into a nation everyone respected. Everyone admired the Sultan for his wisdom. We had three schools in Oman before the seventies and girls were not allowed to go to schools. When he became the sultan, he opened so many schools and made education a must for everyone especially girls. This is only a small part of what he did to the future of Oman. He believed in women to build the future of the country.

Father to the State

Raid Al Salami, 44, working as managing director of a multinational company.

“He was a teacher, leader, father and a great statesman. I was born when he was already a Sultan in the country. Throughout my life we have known him as the ‘Father to the State’. From children all the way to the senior citizens of Oman – everyone has great regards for Sultan Qaboos. He has contributed greatly to the nation and its people.”

A very sad day for us

Omran Moosa Jaffer Al Lawati, banker based in Dubai: “There is no doubt he was a great leader and a brother. Today is a very sad day for us. Since we opened our eyes when we came I do this world – we have known him as the leader. He was kind and very down to earth. Anyone could have access to him.

“He knew how to take care of his people.”

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