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tabler / tabler-icons, Hacker News

tabler / tabler-icons, Hacker News


A set of over 728 free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for you to use in your web projects. Each icon is designed on a (x) grid and a 2px stroke.

  npm install tabler-icons --save  

All icons are built with SVG, so you can place them as , background-image and inline in HTML code.

  icon title   /> 

You can paste the content of the icon file into your HTML code to display it on the page.

  (href)=== (round)    

>       ...    >   Click me >

Thanks to that, you can change the size, color and the stroke-width of the icons with CSS code.

  icon-tabler  {     color  :  red ;     width  : 14 


All icons in this repository have been created with the value of the stroke-width property, so if you change the value, you can get different icon variants that will fit in well with your design.

Tabler Icons is licensed under the MIT License .

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