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Taylor Swift Will Perform Old Hits at AMAs, According to Oddsmakers – TMZ,


                          Taylor Swift                          (Vegas) Vegas Thinks She’ll Perform Old Hits …                          And Beat Ariana At AMAs !!!                      


                                 11 / 22 / 2019 12 : 50 AM PT                   






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Taylor Swift

is gonna tellScooter Braunand Big Machine what’s up … by performing her old songs at the American Music Awards … at least according to the oddsmakers.


The cyber-gambling site,, is offering tons of prop bets on this Sunday’s AMAs … and bookies are banking on Taylor to sing the hits owned by BM, and for Swift to take home Artist of the Year overAriana Grande.


The odds of Taylor singing stuff like “Shake It Off” are 1 to 5, meaning you gotta wager $ 500 to win $ 100. That’s a pretty heavy favorite. The odds of Taylor eschewing songs from Big Machine are 3 to 1, meaning a $ 100 wager pays $ 300.



As you know … there’s some debate over Taylor’s choice of songs for her big AMAs performance. She’s angry at Scooter and BM over ownership of the masters from her first 6 albums. Taylor claimed BM waswithholding permissionfor her to sing her old hits, but the label says she canperform anything she choosesduring the live broadcast.


Of course, we’ve reported Taylor might not haveEnough timeto rehearse her old songs. The jury is still out.    

Taylor is the favorite to win Artist of the Year – her odds are even – while Ariana is second with 2 to 1 odds.Halseycomes in at 3 to 1,Post Maloneis 7 to 2 andDrakeis 4 to 1.


Taylor’s alsoexpected to go afterScooter and Big Machine during her acceptance speech for Artist of the Decade, and the odds of her saying “Big Machine” on the broadcast are 3 to 2, meaning a $ 200 wager pays $ 300.


Looks like Taylor’s still making other people rich !!!



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