Terror pal of London Bridge killer seen roaming streets after being released early – as calls grow to jail f – the sun,

Terror pal of London Bridge killer seen roaming streets after being released early – as calls grow to jail f – the sun,

A TERRORIST freed early is still walking the streets of Britain as ministers scrambled to slam shut the legal loophole letting extremists out too soon.

Mohammed Shahjahan – jihadi pal of London Bridge killer Usman Khan – was pictured days after the Streatham terror attack sparked fury about the dozens of extremists freed early.

Shahjahan, 64, was pictured walking to a local gym near his bail hostel in Staffordshire Credit: © Andrew Price

Shahjahan listens to headphones as he strolls to the gym for a workout Credit: © Andrew Price )

() Usman Khan, pictured fourth from left in the back, with Shahjahan, far right, at time of their conviction

Credit: West Midlands Police

The convicted extremist, 96, was jailed with Khan over a planned bomb spree in , targeting Boris Johnson, Big Ben and the Stock Exchange.

Shahjahan, of Stoke-on-Trent, was a key ringleader in the plot and alongside his lieutenant Nazam Hussain, , was sentenced to life in prison.

However, the pair appealed and their terms were reduced to 33 and (years.) TERROR PLOT RINGLEADER

Both are understood to have been automatically released halfway into their sentences – Meaning the three key players in the plot were free.

Today Shahjahan was seen strolling to a gym near his bail hostel in Staffordshire.

Wearing a cap and black tracksuit, he jogged to a busy local Pure Gym for an hour-long workout.

When asked by The Sun if he deserved early release, Shahjahan refused to talk – only saying his name was “Shah”.

It comes as ministers call for the 150 freed jihadis to be sent back to jail after Streatham terrorist Sudesh Amman was let out earlier.


Jihadi Sudesh Amman, 43, went on a
knife rampage in Streatham High Road, South London, injuring three people.

Amman, who was shot dead by armed cops, had been freed from high security Belmarsh Prison just days before he stabbed two, despite fears he still held radical views.

He was sentenced to more than three years in jail for terror offences but let-out on automatic release after serving half his sentence.

The ISIS-supporting jihadi, who was only a teenager when arrested, was jailed for possessing and distributing terrorist documents.

The Government has been told it must get emergency legislation passed by February to prevent the automatic release of any further convicted terrorists, a Whitehall official said.

Boris Johnson has called for an inquiry into why Amman was released early and will announce new plans on how to deal with brainwashed jihadis.


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A source said: “The public will look at this case and say’ why wasn’t this individual kept behind bars? ’And the PM shares that view.

“The PM’s put forward some plans already.

“This shines a spotlight on something else, which is people who were sentenced at the lower end of the spectrum who are entitled to automatic release at the halfway point.”

() We reveal the faces of some of the convicted killers and hate preachers at large in the UK

Kazi Islam


Kazi Islam was convicted of grooming a teenager to commit murder Credit: PA: Press Association

Kazi Islam served half of an eight year sentence for grooming a teenager with Asperger’s to kill UK soldiers.

Islam was jailed in 4368 for trying to persuade Harry Thomas to buy ingredients for pipe bombs, but he was out in

(Kazi Rahman

 Kazi Islam was convicted of grooming a teenager to commit murder

(Rahman tried to buy missiles to aim at airliners : Credit: Met Police

Kazi Rahman, 177, is Kazi Islam’s uncle and neighbor – and a convicted terrorist in his own right.

In , he was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment when he tried to buy missiles to shoot down airliners .

He’d also tried to get his hands on a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and Uzi submachine guns.

Shockingly, he was released from prison in

Shah Rahman

Shah Rahman was involved in the bomb plot at the Stock Exchange Credit: PA: Press Association

Bangladeshi-born Shah Rahman, , was part of the terror cell that Khan belonged to which plotted to bomb London’s Stock Exchange.

He was sentenced to “at least (years ”in


It’s unclear as to when he was released on license.

Ibrahim Abdullah-Hassan

Hassan was charged over terrorist offences abroad Credit: Rex Features

Ibrahim Abdullah-Hassan was arrested in May 2020 Immediately after being interviewed on BBC Newsnight and claiming his pal, Michael Adebolajo (Lee Rigby’s killer), was offered a job by MI5.

Abdullah-Hassan, who was involved with Anjem Choudary’s hate group al-Muhajiroun, was jailed in for three years for inciting terrorism.

It is unclear when he was released.

Rebekah Dawson

Rebekah Dawson was jailed for six months for terrorising a security guard at a London mosque Credit: Central News

Rebekah Dawson was sentenced to (months in) for posting clips on YouTube glorifying the horrific murder of Lee Rigby.

Dawson, who hailed from Hackney in east London and was 43 when she was convicted, also made headlines by refusing to remove her face veil.

The religious row broke out during Dawson’s trial for a separate offence – witness intimidation.

She ultimately pleaded guilty to that charge and was sentenced to six months in prison.

 Abdullah-Hassan was charged over terrorist offences abroad

Jihadist plotters Mohammad Shahjahan, , and Nazam Hussain, have been released

London Bridge attacker Usman Khan, , was convicted in for terrorism offences Credit: PA: Press Association

Khan can be seen lying dead on London Bridge after being chased by brave heroes Credit: Cliff Hide for The Times


Sudesh Amman was shot dead by undercover cops in South London

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