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Thank God PewDiePie Is Finally Gone, Crypto Coins News

  • PewDiePie joked for years that he was out of good ideas.
  • Yeah, we could tell after all the racist and antisemitic scandals.
  • Felix jumped the shark ages ago in Internet time.

PewDiePie has joked for years that he’d run out of ideas for new videos. Good to see the King of YouTube has finally taken the “joke” seriously. We could all use a break from listening to him scream and snicker through another mind-numbing MineCraft video.

Finally, YouTube won’t be recommendingyet another“You Laugh You Lose” video that’s drier than burnt toast. I have never come close to losing any of those challenges, and when Pewds “loses” it’s so forced, he should have made the challenges, “You Cringe You Lose.” Honestly there’s better acting on reality TV dating shows.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We could really tell PewDiePie was out of ideas when he started edge-lording for views on a channel with young, impressionable subscribers. Why did you choose the dark path for the views, Pewds? You were supposed to be YouTube’s chosen one!

I actually love PewDiePie. I really do. Which is why I’m gladhe’s stepping away from the camera for awhile. After three years of horrifying gaffes and cringe-worthy scandals, he could hopefully benefit from laying low for awhile and getting some rest.

Maybe he’ll emerge from this hiatus with a fresh perspective. And some original content for once. Here are five reasons we all need a break from Felix.

1. The Time PewDiePie Said The N-Word

Talk about the teflon man.When John Mayer used the N-wordin a Playboy interview in (*******************************************, he disappeared from the face of the planet.

We still haven’t heard from him a decade later. But somehowPewDiePie got away with saying the N-word on a live Battle Grounds stream.

2. The “Death To All Jews” Stunt

Then there was the time PewDiePie used a freelancer site to hire two men to hold up a banner that read, “Death To All Jews.”

It wasn’t just the shameless shock-jocking for views that made this bad. It was that Pewds did not have the fortitude to hold his frame after such an audacious stunt, like he was actually caught off guardby the ensuing backlash (************.

Or as one Redditor put it:

Hey pewds, try making a video on how you felt when WSJ and Disney made you cry on camera. To 16 year olds. For their support.

3. Bashing Finland for Planting Trees

Felix couldn’t even make a farewell video without getting himself into trouble. He made fun of Finland for planting millions of trees, saying, “No one cares.”

But he couldn’t even get their national flag right while bashing them. Dude,you’re from Scandinavia. Someone tell PewDiePie that was the Norwegian flag.

4. PewDiePie Mocks The Free Press

As a journalist, it really irked me when PewDiePie mocked the idea that journalism is important to a democratic society. What made it all the more galling was the context. He was making fun of news websites asking users to turn off their ad blockers.

For a content creator who’s made a fortune from ad revenue on some of the absolute lowest effort, most mindless, least useful online content there is, it was pretty low for him to bash journalists for earning a living from their content.

5. PewDiePie Sells Out to Shill Dubious Cryptos

**************************************Even TRON’s co-founder Lucien Chen, admitted last year , “It is no longer decentralized.” | Image: shutterstock.com

The final straw for me was when PewDiePie shilled TRON and DLive

earlier this month. It’s not like PewDiePie needs the money, but he’s taking Justin Sun’s advertising dollars to shillshady pump-and -dump, ponzi scheme altcoins


Stick to video games, Pewd. We don’t need that. There’s enough confusion out there as it is, and a lot of people getting hurt trying to get rich quick with cryptocurrency.PewDiePie made fun of the massive BitConnect scamfor doing this sort of thing. Now one of his last official acts as “King of YouTube” was to join in the shilling.

For all his past mistakes, PewDiePie has brought a lot of joy into the world. He obviously loves his fans, and he’s added millions of laughs to the world with his channel. Here’s wishing him the best.

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