The 05 Best Online Educational Tools for Students

With the technological revolution, the education sector has also changed positively: not only the way students learn is changing, but also the provision of learning materials from the perspective of the teacher.

Fortunately, the wealth of online education has improved students’ ability to learn better, giving students the opportunity to learn more information, and also enabling students to research more efficiently.

The world of the Internet is a great innovation for the education department with its many possibilities for input and output. Online education is usually possible via online tools that are common to students in various disciplines.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best online educational tools that would benefit students and teachers.

What are online educational tools and how useful are they?

First, you should know that the training tool is not about a single definition, because there are thousands of tools for each subject. Online learning, commonly labelled as a website, tool, app, or any technology, is accessible over the Internet and improves the ability of the student or teacher to access and deliver the training.

In today’s digital world, Internet-based tools are common to most students, and we can say that they have become an essential part of the person associated with education.

One of the most flexible ways to get an education is through online classrooms, and students feel very comfortable when they attend online courses. In the past, you can see that the person has to go to a library and find the information there.

But now we can use the smartphone to find any kind of information on any subject on Google. Also, the smartphone is accessible all the time, while the library may not be open all day.

Although online education knows no boundaries, three of the most important types of online education tools are discussed below:

1. Blended classrooms

This educational system involves personal interaction between teachers and students, while the interface is real-time and via the Internet. Mixed forms are similar to on-campus teaching, where you can ask questions live to the teacher. This educational system was the most popular among educational institutions during the Coronavirus pandemic.

2. Tipped Classrooms

The inverted classroom is another method of learning that includes the physical classroom, but most projects are led by the online method. In this method, the activities are conducted by the teacher but assuming that the student learns through online content.

3. Distance learning technology

The barrier-free education for students who cannot go to an institute or go to another city. This method includes full education via the Internet. This education is usually popular because if you want to receive international education but want to stay at home, this would be helpful.

Top 5 online educational tools

· Google Classroom

This is a Google product that allows teachers and students to manage their learning on their platform Google Classroom runs online with the Internet, while it has various project management features.

The teacher can create his account and share the linkage of the class with his students. On the other hand, he can also pass the task on to specific or ordinary students. The student would see the tasks on the dashboard and when they are completed, he can attach the file within the due date of the task.

Teachers can later check the task and mark it with the numbers so that the student is informed with the result to know his performance.

· Article rewriter

Students might not be able to write effective content. This might be due to the native language problem, but now this problem is not a problem. The sentence rewriter is an online tool that would help you rewrite the content, regardless of whether you have written your work or copied it from a website.

If you copied the task from the Internet, it would remove the plagiarism and the teacher would accept the task.

This tool is usually available free of charge, while you need to select the rewriting tool that is both efficient and authentic.

· Grammar errors

None of the students is perfect at writing, and this is obvious when you make mistakes in writing. Mistakes can be spelling, grammar, clarity, delivery, or any other structural error. Thanks to the technology that can enable proofreading of your task.

If you have the task with mistakes, it will affect your grades, while it will have bad effects on the teacher. Before applying, you should check your writings through the grammar exam such as Grammarly. Grammarly would help you get the suggestion about errors such as grammar errors, clarity, delivery, spelling, and others. It is available free of charge, but for service, you need to buy a membership.

· Calculators

The online calculator was very surprising for the students, as it not only helps the students to solve the complex questions but also helps them to solve the questions faster. In mathematics and physics, the solution sometimes takes longer, which requires extra effort and thinking and still offers the chance of error.

For example, partitioning a line segment calculator can help you find the coordinates of the points within moments, but if you do it manually, it would take minutes, but still with the risk of errors.

· Wikipedia

If you want to know the information or history of anything, Wikipedia is the best digital encyclopedia for you. The majority of students and other peoples around the world use it to find information about a particular term or personality.

Wikipedia is an online website that provides information about various things, including the person, country, or another type of term. Wikipedia also contains various reference images along with the cited links.

One of the biggest advantages of Wikipedia is that it tells amazing biographies about the search query. For example, if you search through the information about Albert Einstein, you get the date of birth, date of death, place of birth, nationality, early life, entire career, and much of your life.

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