The best 4K OLED TV Boxing Day deals – What Hi-Fi ?,

The best 4K OLED TV Boxing Day deals – What Hi-Fi ?,


As the Christmas turkey fades into a fabulous, fatty memory, the time comes to turn your attention to the serious business of shopping for a new TV. And if you really are serious about your next TV you’d better make it an OLED, and that means getting stuck into the OLED TV Boxing Day deals.There are some great OLED TV deals around right now, with some of the best OLED TVs we’ve tested over the last months or so currently cheaper than ever before.

And it really is a good time to buy an OLED TV. It’s that time of year when lots of great OLED sets are discounted for their final days of shelf life (we’re on the cusp now – they’re dropping like flies), and there are now lots of discounts available on

OLED TVs. We’ve rounded-up not only the cheapest prices on some of our favorite OLED TVs, but also the pick of the other fantastic OLED TV deals the internet has to offer. If you’re looking to buy an OLED TV, you’ve come to the right place.

Not interested in an OLED TV? Check out our round-up of the

best TV deals

inch OLED TV deals


LG OLED C9PLA OLED TV for ****************************** (£) ****************************************************************************************************************************************** (£) ************************************************************************************************************************ at Amazon


**********************Brand new for this year, LG’s C9 OLED improves on last year C8 in Almost every way, making it comfortably the better buy if you can stretch to it. Doing so is now a lot easier than it was, too, as the price is now significantly lower than it was at launch.View Deal

************************************(************************** **************************************** (LG OLED) ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** E9PLA 4K OLED TV ********************************* (£) ****************************************************************************************************************** (************************** (£) ************************************************************************************************************************** at Sevenoaks *********************************

The LG E9 isn’t currently as discounted as it has been, but it is £ 1000 more affordable than it was at launch. Ultimately, we think buying a C9 and a soundbar is the best option, but if you want great picture and upgraded sound in one chassis, the E9 is a good bet. View Deal (****************************************

LG OLED) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* (C8PLA) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ (in OLED TV) *******************************

******************************************** (******************************* (£) ********************************************************************************************************************** at Amazon ************************

The predecessor to the C9 was an Award-winner in its own right and is still a very good TV now. Right now, the C9 is barely more expensive so is the better option, but keep an eye on prices and if the C8 drops in price again before it ceases to exist, grab one. (View Deal)


******************************************** (Sony KD -) ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************** AG9 4K OLED TV ******************************** (£) **************************************************************************************************** (***************************** (£) ************************************************************************************************************************** at Currys

************** (******************************** (This) ************************************************************************************************************************ (Sony flagship TV “doesn’t quite meet the expectations set by its price tag, but … is still a very good TV, particularly in terms of sound quality “. That’s what we said of the 65 in version. This – inch version is now £ 878 more affordable than it was, making it far more tempting. (View Deal)

******************************************************************************************************** (Sony KD -) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** AG8 – inch OLED TV (********************************** (£) ********************************************************************************************************************** ****************** (£) at John Lewis

******************************If you’re After a Sony OLED but can’t stretch to the AG9 Master Series model, the AG8 could be the TV for you. It gets the X1 Extreme chip rather than the X1 Ultimate of the AG9, and that means it misses out on some of the most advanced picture processing features, but the core experience shouldn’t be vastly different. It launched at £ so looks like great value with this big discount. (View Deal) ****************
************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ (inch OLED TV deals) **********************************************************************************


    ******************** (Sony KD -) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (AG9) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ in OLED TV for823 (£) ****************************************************************************************************** at PRC Direct (************************************Sony’s Master Series OLED majors on picture authenticity and has one of the best sound solutions of any current TV – hidden actuators vibrate the whole screen to make an excellent sound that matches the on-screen action perfectly. It’s a pricey TV compared to many above, but this extra £ (discount takes it to £************************************************************************************** less than the original asking price. (View Deal



    **************************************************** (******************************** (Sony KD -) AF8 OLED TV************************************ (****************************************** (£) ***************************************************************************************************************

      ************************************** (******************************************** (£) **************************************************************************************************************************** at very (**************************************************************************************************************************** An OLED set based on the excellent Sony A1, the Sony AF8 OLED boasts lovely, natural pictures, great motion, and predictably perfect blacks. It also generates sound without standard speakers, instead using actuators to vibrate the whole screen – that might sound weird, but it works a treat. (View Deal) *****************************************************************

        **************************** (Sony KD -) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************ AF9 (£)(£) ******************************************************************************************************************** (at Richer Sounds) ************************ (at (**********************************The Sony AF9 is a great television in so many ways, including being one of the best-sounding TVs we’ve tested. Excellent OLED black levels, class-leading motion processing and superb detail. And you can now save a whopping £ ************************************************ View Deal


        ********************************************************** (LG OLED) W9PLA ‘Wallpaper’ OLED TV (********************************** (£) **************************************************************************************************** (**************************** (£) ************************************************************************************************************* at John Lewis

        ************(Near the top of LG’s) range is the so-called ‘Wallpaper’ model, which consists of a ridiculously thin and flexible OLED sheet that you affix to your wall and a separate soundbar that contains the speakers and TV processing gubbins. It’s a very pricey option, but currently a massive £ (less so than at launch.) View Deal**************************************

          (inch OLED TV deals) ************************ (************************** (**************************** (LG OLED) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ (C9PLA OLED TV)

          ********************************************************************************************************************************************** (**************************** (£) ****************************************************************************************************** (at Richer Sounds) **************************************************************************** (******************************(******************************************** (Yet another £******************************************************************************************************************************** has been shaved off this huge 77 in OLED TV. It’s still a lot of money, of course, but it’s a heck of a lot of TV, too. We gave the smaller version of this TV a five-star review for its exceptional picture quality and see no reason that this shouldn’t be simply a lot more of the same.View Deal

          ****************************************** (The best 4K TV deals************************************************************** (Best) in(******************************* (4K TVs)Dolby Vision: everything you need to know (************************************** (******************************************************************************

            (****************************************************************************** (Read More) (**********************************************************************************

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